The Truth About ‘The View’s Sunny Hostin’s Plastic Surgery- All Details Revealed!

Often celebrities are rumored to have plastic surgery done, as they want to look their best when in front of the camera, which is quite often, given their public lifestyle. Famous American lawyer Sunny Hostin is a new addition to this list. Let’s find out whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not!

Who Is Sunny Hostin?

Sunny “Asuncion” Hostin is a famous American Lawyer who was born on 20 October 1968. Apart from being a lawyer, she also works as a journalist and a TV Host.

She co-hosts the morning talk show ‘The View’ on the ABC channel. She also works as the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News. Before this, Hostin worked as the host and executive producer of the crime series ‘Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin’. The show aired on Investigation Discovery.

sunny hostin plastic surgery

About Her Plastic Surgery!

The lawyer has never been afraid of talking about her personal life in front of the camera. She has admitted to having plastic surgery done, as it boosted her self-confidence significantly. She told about her cosmetic procedures to the viewers and fans.


During one of her interviews with a renowned magazine, she said: I feel like a better version of myself.” Sunny said that she had always struggled with body image issues. Talking further about her surgery, she said: “It was a health decision and a self-care decision.”

sunny hostin plastic surgery

She used a minimizer bra, a sports bra, or a binder constantly because she had a small waist but a large bust which made her insecure. Otherwise, her stylist would attach clips to the back of large dresses that she purchased so that everything would fit.

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Hostin said she’s being honest with fans to try to de-stigmatize these kinds of surgeries rather than exposing her appearance to rumors.

When asked about how she felt about sharing her experiences, she said: “I thought I would feel shame, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing plastic surgery like all these crazy celebrities.’ But I don’t feel shame at all,” she told in her interview. “And I hope sharing my story will help more people.

If they’re feeling so body-conscious, the way I was — they can do what they need to do to feel better.”

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She also said that she is happy about sharing her plastic surgery with the world and doesn’t feel guilty about having the surgeries done.

Although, her husband was always against surgeries.