Championing Love: Celebrities Who Stand by Their LGBTQ Children

When you become a parent and welcome this whole new human into the world, you then get walloped by the joy and terror of watching your kid grow into an entire person beyond your control — which can give you a whole new sense of empathy.

That inherent parent empathy is why we’re so baffled by parents who fail to show unconditional love and support to their kids when they come out as LGBTQ+. You know, the parents who are completely unlike Jamie Lee Curtis, Dwyane Wade, Charlize Theron, Magic Johnson, and the other celeb moms and dads we’re applauding here.

Alexis Bellino

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

“Hello everyone, I’m Miles. son who is transsexual. He is currently one month away from being 15 years old, so he is aware of the inquiries and remarks made about him on my Instagram. Miles has requested me to write this piece because he can now speak.”

“For a long, I refused to share anything with him, but now I know Miles actually wants me to post this because he’s sick of people misgendering and confusing things, so we’re setting the record right and hopefully giving clarity.”

“Miles’ desire to put an end to hatred and courage in speaking up at such a young age makes me incredibly proud of him. He now has the rest of his life to live morally.”

“I am my son’s biggest supporter in every way. I’m hoping you’ll be, too. I appreciate your helping me and my family through all of the changes we’ve experienced over the years. More compassion and love are needed in the world.”

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Heather Dubrow

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

“We have four children, all of whom are finding out their identities and positions in the human race. Our children range in gender and sexual orientation. I believed that our goal was to continue such discussions in other families.” “All I cared about was making sure everyone felt secure, at home, and content.”

Ally Sheedy

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

“I want him to be able to live his life as he sees fit, to be free to make his own decisions and to be surrounded by a loving, supporting community. He has so far been successful in doing that. Nobody is being hidden by Beck.

“I feel quite at ease speaking with anyone whose child is just starting the transition process. Parents must further their own education. No matter what, it’s normal to worry about your children. Nonetheless, Beck is at a pretty good place right now in his life. I allow him space to move while attempting to do nothing but observe.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

Ruby, who openly came out as transgender in 2021, received a special dedication from the Everything Everywhere All at Once actress when she won her first Oscar in March 2023. “Ruby, my daughter, has my full support.

They will be a “Her prize was discussed by Curtis on the Today show. “I’m just going to refer to them as they. They are settling in well and doing fine. I simply never in a million years imagined having [these] two days, and I am really affected by the entire situation.”

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Waka Flocka

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kidsThe Mix hosts, the rapper discussed how he felt when his daughter Charlie asked to bring a lady as her date to a school dance in March 2021 “I don’t have any goals in mind. Nothing you expect will ever be 100% accurate.

I cannot declare my dislike for or affection for something I have never engaged in. It [would] drive her away if I approached it with a strong-minded masculine attitude. I then did as my wife [Tammy Rivera] had done.” He continued by describing the youngster as “awesome,” praising God for the opportunity to be her parent.

Khary Peyton

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

The former employee of General Hospital added, “This is his path, and I am here for it,” next to a photo of his son. I wish everyone could experience the same insatiable love that I am experiencing right now.

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Busy Philipps

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

The Dawson’s Creek alum claimed on her podcast, “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best,” that after disclosing in December 2020 that her child Birdie is gay and prefers they/them pronouns, she told the preteen, “You get to build your life however the f—k you want to, and it doesn’t have to look like anything you’ve ever seen or anything that’s ever been modeled for you because maybe it doesn’t exist.”

Cynthia Nixon

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

The Sex and the City veteran exclusively told Us in May 2019 that she was proud of her son Seph for coming out as transgender. I was a little taken aback by how unimportant of a non-event it turned out to be, which shows how far we’ve gone in such a short period of time.

Magic Johnson

Supportive celebrities with LGBTQ kids

“I believe the key is to stop trying to dictate what your son or daughter should be or what you want them to become. It all comes down to love them regardless of who they are, what they choose to do, “2017 saw the former Los Angeles Lakers star speak to DeGeneres.

“I was really delighted for my son when he came out, as well as for us as his parents since we adore him and E.J. is fantastic. When so many people try to discriminate against them, you must support your child because they depend on you for that support. Because who else is going to love and support them if you don’t?”