Legendary Surf Photographer Captures His Final Moments Before Collapsing

The renowned cinematographer passed away on Thursday following a heart attack.
Shortly after filming his last wave while on a stand-up paddle board with pals, a surf cinematographer passed away.

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational was being filmed behind the scenes when Larry Haynes passed away on Thursday, who verified the incident to Hawaii-based television station KHON2.
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“We were absolutely stunned. With us, he recently performed the Eddie Aikau. He entered the Pipe competition. He always has a smile on his face, but suddenly we lost him “Prickett stated.

“At Laniakea, he grabbed a wave. Then he entered and passed out.”

The musician David Elecciri Jr. verified the news of his passing, stating in an Instagram post that the collapse caused him to have a heart attack in his car and that he had only contacted him a few hours before to invite him to lunch before they were about to travel to the beach.

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Surf Cinematography Legand Larry Haynes Captures His Final Wave on Video Before Dying Moments Later

Just weeks after filming water shots at the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, Larry Haynes unexpectedly died after a surfing session on Thursday. On Sunday, his friends and family found the last moments of his life, which Haynes himself caught on video. It was pure joy as he did what he loved.

Haynes’ paddle board was removed from the beach by the surfer’s companions after the lifeguards requested it on Friday, and it was then that Prickett found Haynes’ Go-Pro, on which the surfer had recorded his final wave.

Prickett told KHON2, “There could have been 40 files, and we went through them all. “After experiencing numerous non-start waves, he eventually grabbed this stunning wave and rode it for a considerable amount of time. By the time it was through, we were crying, screaming, and celebrating simultaneously.”

In the footage, the filmmaker can be seen focusing as he gets ready to paddle through the enormous wave with his pals.

On his personal Instagram, Haynes frequently posted pictures of his rides and videos of other people being filmed in the sea. Fellow photographers like Ryan Moss, who stated in a video tribute on Friday that he respected “his passion for his profession and his wide smile,” touched on such times.

He continues in the caption, “He always wore that wide smile every time I would see him out shooting at Pipeline or Jaws. “You never consider that your heroes will change.

They are stronger, better, and bigger than life and the planet we currently live in. I appreciate you sharing your laughter, smiles, and aloha with the rest of us, @fluid vision. It was much too soon for us to lose you. Without you, it won’t be the same.”

Many surfers continued to pay their respects to him after his passing, including World Surf League CEO Erik Logan.

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Surf Cinematography Legand Larry Haynes Captures His Final Wave on Video Before Dying Moments Later

He captioned a series of images of Haynes with the statement, “Many of our fans might not know him, but you know his work. “Larry was always in the water, riding a ski, and screaming obscenities at the surfers on every wave. His vigor and life power were genuine.
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His smile remained the same whether the waves were large or small. He will be sadly missed.”

His professional background spans over thirty years, and it includes work with helmet cameras, jet ski cameras, and underwater filmmaking. In 2015, he established Fluid Vision Productions, Inc.

, his own production firm.

He is also recognized for his work on movies like 2012’s Chasing Mavericks and the underground series Fluid Combustion from the 1990s, according to the surfing magazine Stab.