SZA before and after- SZA looked quite different when she started her career!

sza before and after

SZA (/sz/ SIZ-), born Solána Imani Rowe on November 8, 1989, is a popular R&B artist from the United States. She made her musical debut with two EPs in the early 2010s, both of which she released independently before signing with the hip hop label Top Dawg Entertainment and releasing her first retail album, Z (2014).

She also collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé on writing their hit song “Feeling Myself” the same year. She was a guest vocalist on Rihanna’s 2016 single “Consideration.”

Who Is SZA?

The artist formerly known as SZA was born Solana Imani Rowe. American singer-songwriter SZA. Neo-soul, cloud rap, and witch house all make reference to the singer.

Sza real nameSolana Imani Rowe 
Sza BirthdayNovember 8, 1989 (age 32)
Profession Singing and writing songs
Birth PlaceMissouri, U.S.

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On November 8th, 1989, she entered the world to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Detailed information about Sza’s life can be found in the following

Sza Looked Quite Different when She Started Her Career

The singer’s career began in earnest around 2011, when she was introduced to Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). After hearing her music, president Terrence “Punch” Henderson signed her, and her first two EPs helped her gain a following.

sza before and after

This is SZA in 2013, when she was just starting to make waves. In 2014, she released an EP called “Z,” on which she collaborated with several of her label mates.

Soon after, she was penning hits for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. View her as she appeared in 2015: (which is pretty much the same).

Sza’s Features Started to Look Different After Her Breakthrough

SZA’s 2017 debut album, “Ctrl,” was met with universal acclaim and propelled her to prominence. It debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 and was later certified platinum in the United States. Time magazine even declared it 2017’s best album. In addition, the artist’s appearance changed dramatically around this time.

SZA did lose some weight by that time, though. This is most likely the reason why her face seems smaller than usual.

She defended Kendrick Lamar’s controversial lyrics about stretch marks in an interview from 2017, during which she also discussed her weight loss. In her words: “If you really care about women, you should be accepting of all sizes and shapes.

The stretch marks on my body attest to the fact that I once weighed 200 pounds. Insofar as Kendrick tells me I’m gorgeous, I feel more at ease and secure.”

The breakout star’s appearance at the 2017 BET Awards was a visual feast. However, her nose and chin appear to have been surgically altered… Maybe it was all in the clever contouring.

The Rumours of Sza Getting Plastic Surgery: Has She Addressed Them?

Although she never addressed the rumours head-on, fans find it interesting that the singer has removed photos that were being used to support the speculation that she had plastic surgery. An image of her receiving an award from the City of Hope in 2018 strongly suggested that she had plastic surgery on her nose.

She wrote in the photo caption: “I appreciate your hospitality last night at @cityofhope so much. I am gratified to have received this award at a gala benefiting cancer study.” However, the singer took it down after fans and media outlets began using it to speculate about her upcoming surgery.

Hmm… Unlike her weight loss, which she has discussed openly, she has kept mum on the subject of plastic surgery. In 2018, she attended the Dove Launch of Girl Collective and spoke about how she has always felt beautiful just being herself.

sza before and after

“It all depends on where it begins in your mind,” she said. “Many people have pointed out standards to me that I have overlooked. I started out wearing nothing but my father’s big t-shirts and socks on stage (I was 190 pounds at the time) and never once complained or fell over due to my lack of shoes or excessive makeup.”

The Performer Also Discussed Her Personal Growth Since Then

In her words: “It was all in my head, but I eventually emerged from that place and realised that I wanted to make some alterations. I’d like to stand out from the crowd. As a person, I wish to develop.

My goal is education. It’s one thing to be at ease, but it’s another to fail to recognise your full potential and the big picture. The norm should actually originate from within.”

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Though it’s unclear whether the singer actually underwent any procedures, she seems pleased with her appearance and confident in her abilities. And that’s the only thing that counts! All that matters is that she is content.

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