Taylor Swift Seen in Public for The First Time After Joe Alwyn Split News

Taylor Swift is resuming her public appearances. The Grammy-winning performer, 33, was seen for the first time since reports of her separation from 32-year-old Joe Alwyn.

For the event, Swift went out to dinner with longtime friend and musician Jack Antonoff, 39, and actress Margaret Qualley, 28, at Via Carota, an Italian eatery about a 4-minute walk from Cornelia Street, a location where Swift once rented a home and is the subject of one of her songs from her 2019 Lover album.

The “Lover” singer opted for a playful black top, high-waist jeans with an embroidered butterfly cutout, and an edgy glittering purse to keep things cool and casual.
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Her trademark red lipstick appearance gave her outfit its finishing touch. Swift and Alwyn ended their six-year romance, a source close to the couple confirmed to Media on Saturday.

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Taylor Swift Spotted Out and About for the First Time Since News of Joe Alwyn Breakup

Swift’s sold-out Eras tour, during which the actor hasn’t been sighted, is now touring the country when the split news was announced.

Entertainment The news was initially reported on tonight. According to a source close to both Swift and the Conversations with Friends star, “differences in their personalities” were a big factor in the breakup, Media was also told.

The insider lamented that Swift and Alwyn “ultimately weren’t the right match for one another,” adding that “they’ve had hard times previously and always sorted things out.” Swift and Alwyn “weren’t the right fit for one another,” the person added.

Swift and Alwyn’s representatives are mum about the split. When it was reported that the two had been secretly dating for months in May 2017, the singer of “Lavender Haze” was initially associated with the British actor. Although it’s unclear when they originally connected, some have theorized that Swift and Alwyn met during the 2016 Met Gala.

The insider said, alluding to Swift’s 2017 studio album Reputation, “They had a lot in common and fell in love in a protected bubble while she was withdrawing from the public throughout Reputation.” “They were trapped together when the epidemic struck and was able to keep developing their love in this protected manner. Outside of that cocoon, he did not yet truly “know” her.”

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Taylor Swift Spotted Out and About for the First Time Since News of Joe Alwyn Breakup

The now-ex-couple refuted engagement rumors in recent years by keeping their relationship’s specifics private throughout their union.

According to sources, the two grew close immediately due to their love of creativity and the arts. In fact, Swift has eight songs that she co-wrote, co-produced, or both with Alwyn, who composed them under the pen name William Bowery. Six songs from Folklore, three from Evermore, and “Sweet Nothing” from Midnights are part of the collaborations.

But, insiders said the actor didn’t enjoy the spotlight and stressed his need for solitude when questioned about Swift in interviews.

According to the source, “Joe has battled with Taylor’s degree of popularity and the public’s attention.” “After spending so much time together, it’s also tough to overlook the disparities in their personalities. They’re no longer close.”

Swift and Alwyn had reportedly been “talking about marriage as recently as a few months ago,” according to many sources.

The pair wasn’t prepared for a future together, though, in the end. The insider stated that the breakup occurred “recently” and was “not dramatic,” adding that Taylor “didn’t see them working out in the long run.”

“They are cordial. She has nothing negative to say about Joe “the insider added. “They merely drifted apart. Taylor is now maintaining a laser-like focus on her tour.” The insider continued, “There is a lot of respect remaining between them,” despite the separation.
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