Who Is Tayshia Adams Dating? After Zac’s Breakup, Tayshia Admits Her Dating Life!

Tashia Adams, an American television host, and personality was born on September 4, 1990. After competing in seasons six of Bachelor in Paradise and season 23 of The Bachelor, she gained widespread notoriety.

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On November 5, 2020, Adams took over as the season 16 bachelorette of The Bachelorette in lieu of Clare Crawley. Adams co-hosted seasons 17 and 18 of The Bachelorette.

The Relationship History Between Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams

Getting better! Tashia Adams’ journey on The Bachelorette’s 16th season was out of the ordinary right from the start, but once she met Zac Clark, it seemed like her love story was over.
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After Clare Crawley found her special someone in suitor Dale Moss two weeks into filming, the California native filled in as the star of the ABC dating series. Adams moved into the spotlight as her adventure began in November 2020, encountering some of the guys who had previously vied for Crawley’s affection as well as a few new men.

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One of the contestants that remained on the show after the hairstylist left was Clark, a native of New Jersey, and as luck would have it, their immediate chemistry with Adams turned out to be the winning combination.

tayshia adams dating

On the former phlebotomist’s first group date, the two clicked, but he did not receive the first impression rose. By the time they arrived at their first one-on-one date, which saw the couple acting like they were married while snapping pictures, the two’s connection to the audience was clear.

Adams and the addiction specialist connected over their prior marriages—he to Jennifer Stanley-George and her to Josh Bourelle—and had a common kinship. The two became even closer after Clark disclosed he has been drug-free for nine years after battling addiction and recovering from using painkillers after surgery to remove a brain tumor.

She ultimately selected Clark as her final man standing after some ups and downs on Adams’ end throughout the course of the rest of the season.

“There was a time in my life when I hit rock bottom and truly believed I would never get married due to all the suffering and grief I had experienced. And I know that I’ve already expressed my love to you, but… it’s more than that,” she said to him in the episode’s December 22, 2020, finale.

“I’ve tried to think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t believe in this wild, wild love, but you’ve really simply convinced me that there are no excuses for imperfections and that I deserve a relationship with a committed partner. My heart has been genuinely awakened by you, and it is real. And I experience it.

First Meeting

On the November 10, 2020, episode of The Bachelorette, the couple first spoke. Adams clicked with two guys on her first group date, one of them was Clark. During the after-party portion of the evening, she discovered more about.

After Zac’s Breakup, Tayshia Admits Her Dating Life Is “Nonexistent”

Tayshia Adams, who appeared on The Bachelorette, hasn’t started dating again after her breakup with Zac Clark. In December 2020, during her season’s finale, the ex-couple got engaged. They dated for nearly a year before breaking up in November 2021.

tayshia adams dating

Tayshia initially became a part of the Bachelor community while competing in Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. When Clare Crawley quit the show early in season 16, she was given the title of the Bachelorette. In the finals, Zac, who had previously competed for Clare, won Tayshia—as well as the audience—over with a heartfelt statement of love.

While many of their fans were stunned when they split up, it soon became clear that Tayshia and Zac had been having problems for some time and had never actually started planning a wedding.

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The California native is speaking up about her focus moving ahead, as well as the present state and prospective future of her love life, months after calling off her engagement. On Sunday, March 27, Tayshia spoke with Us Weekly while watching the Oscars.

The former phlebotomist said that romance was “basically nonexistent for me right now” when asked about her love life.
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However, the television personality swiftly stated that she is perfectly OK with that. I truly have no desire,” she added, before adding that “maybe a year from now,” she could be more interested in dating.

Tayshia, who is still in contact with Zac, stressed that she is not interested in meeting someone via apps or social media until she is ready to date. Instead, she remarked, “I would love to meet somebody naturally or a common friend of somebody because they kind of vet someone out to you.”

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tayshia adams dating

She added that she would respond with, “Nice to meet you, Bachelor Nation,” if any males tried to DM her “Hello there. But a girl is employed, okay? I have a lot to do today. She said, “Someone that’s strong, supportive, kind, ambitious, sympathetic…,” when asked what qualities she would seek in a companion. I have no idea; just a good man.”

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