Ted Lasso Season 3 – Everything We Know So Far

From the beginning, the tale was intended to have a three-season arc.

Ted Lasso’s second season finale aired on Apple TV+ a few months ago, and “Ted Heads,” as the show’s ardent fans have dubbed themselves, are already looking forward to season three (especially given the show’s shocking ending and Jason Sudeikis’ recent Golden Globe win). Here’s all we know about Ted’s next (and maybe final) chapter so far.

Season 3 will begin filming in February 2022.

According to the Independent Loud, the show will return to Apple TV in summer 2022, but Apple has yet to confirm that date. Many of the show’s stars and writers renegotiated their contracts as the third season approached, according to the outlet.

Actress Hannah Waddingham announced on The Late Late Show With James Corden that production will begin on Valentine’s Day next year, which she described as “quite wonderful.”

The show was initially planned to run for three seasons.

AppleTV+ has already confirmed a third season for the show, but it’s possible that’s all fans will get from the AFC Richmond team. Jason Sudeikis, the show’s executive producer and star, has stated several times that Ted Lasso was initially supposed to be a three-season tale.

“I see, know, and understand the tale that’s being told—that three-season arc. I’m delighted they’re willing to spend money on those three seasons. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. I’m not sure, “Earlier this year, he told EW.

He recently stated that he is concentrating on season three and is not planning ahead. “When I have to tell them they can’t look towards season 4 when we’re in the middle of season 3,” he told ET, “I feel like a genuine coach.” “You know, we can’t worry about titles when we’re in the first round of the playoffs.”

“When you’re trying to cope with what’s directly in front of you, it’s hard to think about what to do in the far future,” Sudeikis remarked.

In the same interview with EW, Sudeikis’ co-star Brendan Hunt noted, “I think we’ve always wanted it to be three seasons.” “Despite how much everyone loves this show, I think it would be very awesome if we stuck to our guns and only did three seasons.

But, no matter how devoted Jason was to that notion, none of us could have predicted how much people love this programme. Usually, if a show uses the term ‘f—-‘ a lot, it doesn’t have that kind of effect. We’re in a bit of a limbo right now, still befuddled by the response, and I think that might soften up the hard-hearted old Sudeikis a little bit. I’ll say that whatever he decides, I’ll gladly accept it.”

Bill Lawrence, who co-created the show and also works as a writer and executive producer, sounds like he might be persuaded to continue the storey.

“Ted Lasso is a three-season television series. After the third season, I’m going to do my hardest to persuade Mr. Sudeikis to undertake a… The only way I think the fourth season of Ted Lasso could happen is if TL went and coached a soccer club in real life that played about a block from Jason’s house, you know what I mean? He’s a father of young children “According to Comicbook.com, he stated.

Lawrence explained in an interview with Deadline after the season two finale that even if Ted Lasso returns, the first three seasons will tell the entire tale. “What’s difficult for me to grasp as a writer used to writing network comedy is that this was not the conclusion of the season, but the midway point of the programme,” he explained.

“When we first pitched this tale, we stated that it would only be a three-season series. And I’d probably keep it clean and state that, even if Ted Lasso stays on, the tale the writing crew has been presenting for the first three seasons had a beginning, middle, and end. Then it could go in a different direction.”

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What’s ahead for their characters is a mystery to the cast.

Sudeikis may have the entire plot sketched out, but he isn’t sharing it with the rest of the ensemble.

“I don’t know a lot about what’s going to happen to Keeley,” actress Juno Temple told T&C. “But there’s something very special about that because it means you’re kind of experiencing life as Keeley for five months and you can’t foresee the future too much.”

“You must live in the present moment. And I believe that’s a brilliant strategy because it forces you to be fully immersed in your role. You can’t think about their history or try to anticipate their future, which is actually the ideal way to be, since else you’ll lose out on stuff.”

Toheeb Jimoh, who plays footballer Sam Obisanya on the show, is attempting, but failing, to extract information from Sudeikis.

“I’m simply trying to eke out any information [about future seasons] from him. But, with all of that, he’s been a Jedi master “T&C were informed by Jimoh.

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Nick Mohammed, who plays Nate on the show, is similarly unaware of what is going on.

“I honestly have no idea. I’m aware of some aspects but not all “He talks about what’s next for his character after Season 2’s shocking conclusion. “We’ll see if Nate is able to get back to Richmond.”

“But the problem with Ted Lasso is that the audience might be expecting a redemption storey for Nate, and I think that would be lovely,” he continued in an interview with the BBC.

“But I could also see the writers saying, ‘no, we’re going to flip it on its head,’ since that’s what they did in season two, playing against everyone’s expectations, so he might be the one character they don’t redeem.”