Tesla launches new unique insurance in the world for its customers

For some time now, it has been heard about the possibility of Tesla starting to provide its own car insurance. Now, this new strategy by Elon Musk’s company is materialized and is already available in the State of Texas, United States.

For now, with an extremely limited availability, Tesla’s new insurance is unique in the world, as its calculation uses information about “real-time driving quality”.

According to information provided by the Electrek website, drivers of Tesla cars in Texas may apply for estimates of the new insurance policy. This option is available for the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y models.

The electric car manufacturer emphasizes in the conditions of the new insurance that, unlike what happens with other products companies, it is not necessary to implement an additional device, thus taking advantage of all the technologies already present in their electric vehicles.

Tesla seguro

This is a reality that certainly doesn’t come as a big surprise, as Tesla’s cars arrive equipped with extremely advanced technologies regarding the analysis and recording of events during the driving. In addition, its constant connection to the internet also helps in the exchange of information in real time, between the car and the “insurance agency”.

Tesla revealed that drivers will make monthly payments for the your insurance, and the amount charged will vary constantly depending on the data collected by your Tesla. In this way, the entire insurance cost calculation format avoids unreliable data such as credit level, age, gender or insurance history.

Tesla Insurance should still take a while to be released globally

As with other news in the past, this new Tesla implementation is also being launched first in the United States. However, even in American territory it is limited for now to a single state. It seems certain that the company is using this first phase as a public test, in order to iron out any imperfections in the system.

Still without a concrete date for its expansion, it seems more than guaranteed that the expansion of Tesla’s insurance will still take some time to reach Europe.

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