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The 10 Components of a Great Mobile App Developer

The 10 Components of a Great Mobile App Developer

Modern technologies are not the same as they were even a decade ago. Everything evolves fast in the digital era. Thus, the IT specialists and everyone invested in innovative technologies should improve their skills constantly. It defines a need to constantly learn new information, obtain new skills, etc. It makes a mobile developer’s work quite challenging. Still, with the impressive salaries, this job is quite rewarding.

Many modern developers deal with lots of tasks that only become more complicated every new day. Still, with the complicated tasks, there are enough tools and knowledge to make a developers’ work really comfortable. Sure, if you want to remain one of the top mobile app developers, you need to improve your skills constantly. Besides, certain skills are already required from a successful app developer.

10 components turn a person into a great app developer. It can take time and effort to learn all the needed information and obtain the required skills defined at, but the reward is really impressive. It is not only about a high salary, but also about the unique opportunity to be able to complete even the most challenging tech projects efficiently.

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The Top 10 Mobile App Developer Skills

Experienced and talented app developers have lots of advanced skills. They constantly upgrade their skills to be able to deliver the most progressive products and software. Every big company has a dedicated team of app developers. Some firms have outsourcing teams to work with. No matter the type of cooperation between companies and developers, everyone wants to hire the most experienced and technically savvy app developers.

Certain skills are required from modern app developers. It is something you need to be well aware of once applying for a job or deciding to take a part in an app development project.

Advanced Programming Skills

These particular skills are quite logical to have for every mobile app developer. Still, there are certain nuances in programming skills required. There are a bunch of programming languages available to learn. The developers choose a few languages to master. Thus, it is logical that you cannot be an expert in every coding language. It brings the need for business owners to cooperate with those developers who know well the coding language they want their app to be written in. The application developer skills always include the mastered knowledge of a certain language or languages. It is often defined in their CVs and portfolios. If you tend to become a successful developer, decide first what language you want to learn and master.

Expertise in Cross-Platform App Development

Modern users appreciate the applications being available on different devices with different operating systems. It defines the need for app developers to be skilled enough to create apps for both iOS and Android. Cross-platform technology is relatively new. Still, it is already an essential part of every app developer’s activity. Therefore, good developers always know how to prepare similar apps for different platforms fast and efficiently.

Proper Use of Git Software

Programming skills are not the only skills required from an app developer. Every experienced specialist must be an expert in using additional technologies and devices. It includes Git software aimed at ensuring proper cooperation with other developers. This software allows dealing with code reviews, repositories, and pull requests effectively.

Knowledge of UI & UX Design Basics

No matter whether the Android or iOS developer required skills, the knowledge of UI & UX Design is crucial. The application you offer must be user-friendly. Therefore, every app developer must understand the core usability principles and the way to ensure the best user experience. That is why UI & UX Design knowledge is very crucial for developers.

Understanding of Cybersecurity Basic

Every app developer needs to understand the basics of cybersecurity. There are always certain risks when you work with mobile applications. Experienced developers must be always aware of the best ways to ensure online security. Thus, good mobile app developers always know what security tools and mechanisms to use to ensure a proper level of cybersecurity.

Expertise in Debugging and Testing

The app development process includes debugging and testing processes as well. It is requested from developers to be able to define and check the errors. Next, they should be able to fix them fast. The testing process is also important since it allows checking the functionality of the app in the early stages of a development process.

Awareness of How to Prepare Documentation

The Android developer required skills include a knowledge of how to prepare documentation properly. A good developer always has every line of the code documented. It helps greatly to work on familiar projects in the future. Besides, with the documented details of every completed project, app developers get more important data on every aspect of the app development process.

Understanding of Agile Methodology Principles

If you wonder about how to become an app developer, the list of the required skills can be quite impressive. It includes the understanding of Agile methodology as well. This methodology is effective to be used day-to-day. Thus, the developers need to learn the basics and core values of Agile methodology in detail to use it in work properly.

Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Big app development projects require a team of developers. Thus, developers must have good communication and interpersonal skills to complete all the projects successfully. The team members must be open to communicating about the project and sharing their points of view. It is always beneficial if the team works in a friendly atmosphere, without any disputes and misunderstandings.

Analytical Mindset and Critical Thinking

Every mobile app developer must be able to analyze information properly and come up with the right decisions. It is also important to have an ability for critical thinking since it is always crucial to understand the insight of every process. In general, app developers must be good at offering great tech solutions based on their analytical work results.


When you wonder is mobile app development a good career, be sure it is. It is a great career for every specialist who is willing to constantly develop his skills. Sure, it requires a lot of work and dedication from a developer. But, it is always beneficial for every specialist to improve his skills, learn new technologies, and test new tech solutions. Every experienced app developer must be an expert in a certain coding language. He needs to understand the principles of UI & UX Design and Agile methodology. Every developer should have decent analytical abilities and a predisposition to critical thinking. There are many great guidelines and other useful materials to learn more about an app development process. Besides, with various video courses and training, modern developers can gain useful skills very easily as well.

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