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The 18 Best Google Doodle Games To Play Right Now?

Google also creates interactive doodle games on its search results page to commemorate certain occasions. I enjoy finding these amusing Google Easter eggs since they are entertaining. If you’re bored or need a break from concentrating on your job, these are the greatest Google Doodle games available today.

The Most Popular Google Doodle Games You Should Play (2021)

The site’s archives include a tab for previous doodles. This technique allows you to play any of the games that were previously on Google’s search page. Today, we’ll look at the greatest Google Doodle games.

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Generation X and millennials adore the classic maze arcade game Pac-Man, which was first released in 1980. You may play any Google Doodle game at any time, whether you want to travel back in time and revisit the game or introduce it to your children. To play the game, go to the link below and click on the Insert Coin button.


Cricket is a Google Doodle game in which you shoot and bat with your bat to score points. It was released to commemorate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, so you can play cricket as a cricket player. The game is easy, and all you have to do is click the bat button to score runs. However, it may be habit-forming. The fact that I managed to score 100 runs while I could’ve just opened it and snapped a photo speaks for itself.

Halloween 2016

In 2016, Cartoon Network released a Halloween drawing in which you star as a black cat named Momo at Magic Cat Academy. Swipe spells to protect your friends from ghosts and earn coins. The game has uncomplicated controls and is a great time killer. Although the game becomes simpler after this, keep in mind that the challenge of the game will grow as you go. If you love Halloween and want to be in the spirit, you might give it a shot.


If you’re a Soccer lover over a Cricket fan, Google’s 2012 Soccer Doodle is ready to come to your assistance. As a goalkeeper, your mission is to keep the shots out of the goal. If you’re on a computer, the left and right arrow keys can be used to position yourself while pressing the Space bar to stop the incoming ball in its tracks. Overall, it’s a fun game if you enjoy soccer and can spend hours playing.

Hip Hop

Another excellent game to play to live your dreams as a DJ is Hip Hop. The crossfader may be used to mix tracks, select songs, and even scratch the two turntables. The game’s soundtrack is made up of famous songs that represent the hip-hop music industry’s history. The video game’s tutorial is spoken by Fab Five Freddy, the host of MTV Raps.

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Coding for Carrots

Google’s coding for carrots game, introduced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of children programming, requires players to gather carrots on the road using code blocks. The goal is for the rabbit to gather all of the carrots that are visible. All you have to do now is choose the correct route. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to utilize distinct controls to move the protagonist effectively. This game has been extremely popular with kids all around the world, and there’s a good chance that your kid (or you) will become enthralled by it.

Garden Gnomes

You have control of a catapult in Garden Gnomes. You can press the space bar or click to start and send clay gnomes as far as possible in the garden. The more flowers your gnome fertilizes, the further it progresses in the garden. You earn bonus points for driving farther than usual.


While this isn’t necessarily a typical game, Rockmore simulates the experience of Theremin, an electronic musical instrument that requires no physical contact. To commemorate Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday, the doodle was created. The notes are controlled with the mouse or by touching the theremin. It’s one of the most unusual games on our list, and if you like to play with music, you’ll probably enjoy it. The key, scale, octave, and waveform may all be adjusted from the settings.


Fischinger, a game dedicated to the memory of Oskar Fischinger, was designed to commemorate his 117th birthday. Grab a tennis shoe, make sure your headphones are plugged in and get ready to join the action! You can use WASD or arrow keys to move around the screen. To make your own visual music composition, simply click on the screen. The interface is simple and straightforward. Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Chorus, and Phaser. You may also select from a variety of presets to get the sound you want. As with all TonePicker plug-ins for Ableton Live, this one allows you to customize many settings in order to get

10. Scoville

The game was created to commemorate the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville, better known for devising a method for rating pepper heat. You’re an ice cream in the game, and you’re supposed to go up against the pepper. All you have to do is click when the red circle reaches the center.

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11. Loteria

Loteria is a popular Mexican card game for everyone who enjoys playing cards. To begin, find the cards on your cardboard. If you have a matching card, put a bean on it. To win a game of I Yam, you must have four beans on every row. You may join a random matchup with players from all over the world or play with your pals by sharing an invite link.

12. Rubik’s Cube

We’ve all been intrigued by Rubik’s Cube at some point in our lives. Google’s Rubik’s cube doodle is here to help you relive your memories or check if your Rubik’s Cube skills are still up to scratch. You may use the interactive version to solve Rubik’s Cube on your computer without using a mouse or keyboard. The controls using the keyboard are as follows-

  • F – Front
  • B – Back
  • U – Up
  • D – Down
  • L – Left
  • R – Right
  • On the right, you’ll notice a blue cube that rotates 360 degrees.
  • Rotate Cube on Up
  • On the front, turn on 3D stereoscopic.

13. Halloween 2018

We’ve chosen another Halloween game because it’s what everyone likes to do as a cute ghost. Halloween is a worldwide multiplayer action game where you can collaborate with players across the world to collect as many wandering spirit flames as possible in two minutes and safely return them home. Spirits will be blocked by opponents, but you’ll need to protect the spirit flames in order to succeed. The game consists of two teams, each with a maximum of four players. You can either invite players at random or use an invitation link to invite your friends.

14. Basketball

Are there any basketball enthusiasts in the house? Basketball Doodle is a sports-themed, interactive doodle game that was introduced as part of the 2012 Summer Games. It’s a fun game for anybody who loves basketball. The goal of the game, as you might guess, is to throw the ball through the goal. To adjust the pressure level and accurately throw the ball, press Space or click with your mouse button. In 24 seconds, you should score as many balls as feasible.

15. Hurdles

Hurdles is another Google Doodle game that you may play if you’re bored. In the game, you play as an athlete whose goal is to leap over obstacles. Instead of using the Left and Right arrow keys to cause the player to walk, you may also use the Space bar to leap. The running speed of the player is increased (or decreased) depending on how fast you press the arrow keys. Hurdles that the player runs into unintentionally have no effect on gameplay, but the player’s running speed is severely slowed. That’s all there is to know about this game. Go ahead and give it a shot!

16. Slalom Canoe

The Google Doodle Slalom Canoe was created to commemorate the competitive sport “Canoe slalom.” For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, canoe slalom is a race in which contestants attempt to complete a course in the fastest time possible. In the doodle game, you should maneuver a canoe. To row, the canoe, use the left and right arrow keys. Proceed through all of the checkpoints and reach the finish line.

17. Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love is a Google Doodle game in which you must gather ingredients for a birthday cake as a present for another Pangolin. If you think the concept is a little too cloying, it’s because it’s intended to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Regardless of your feelings on Valentine’s Day, you may play the game to obtain the stuff. Play the game using the arrow keys to move ahead or behind and the Space bar to leap over obstacles.

18. Pony Express

Finally, we have Pony Express, a game in which you play the role of a horse rider attempting to deliver mail on time from California to Missouri and vice versa. The objective is to try and get all of the letters in the game, while also avoiding problems. Overall, it’s a straightforward Google Doodle game that you can play to unwind after a hectic day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remember any old Google Doodle games?.

Yes, you can. On its own Google Doodles page, Google keeps past Doodle games. You may discover ancient games and doodles that Google used for its home page in the Google Doodle Archive.

What is the history of the Google Doodle?

The initial Google Doodle honors the 1998 edition of Burning Man, which took place in Black Rock City, Nevada. The Google Doodle was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the company’s co-founders, on August 30, 1998.

Do I have to download Google Doodle games?

You don’t have to play Google Doodle games. You can play them right in your web browser.

What is Google Doodle?

The Google Doodle is a unique version of Google’s doodle created to commemorate significant happenings and accomplishments in the world.

What is the name of this app? AR Doodle is an AR game that allows you to create your own digital doodles.

Doodling with your finger or S Pen is easy when you use the Samsung Doodler app. You can draw in 3D and add wonderful drawings to your videos using this program. This isn’t connected to Google Doodles in any way.

When boredom strikes, Google Doodle games are the way to go.

So, here are some of our favorite Google Doodle games to play when bored. Which one do you prefer? Let us know what you think in the comments. Meanwhile, if you’re bored at work and want more Google games, see our guide to the secret Google games that you can play to pass the time.

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