The 5 most popular fantasies

Fantasies are essential to people’s sexuality because they express their desires and sensations through mental representations. Both, men and women, can imagine some practices, but in different ways. For example, research in Mexico by the Mexican Institute of Sexology (IMESEX) suggests that, in fantasies, women include kissing, caressing, sensuality and love in their mental representations. At the same time, men only seek penetration and adult pleasure.

However, this is not a situation that occurs in 100% of people; there are exceptions because many women imagine threesomes with their partner, for example. In addition, some people make their adult fantasies come true, but they are not always practised because in society, there are many taboos, and they think it is not the right thing to do, or they are afraid.

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The 5 most popular fantasies

What are the fantasies of men and women?

From threesomes and intercourse with strangers to sadomasochism, these are some sensual fantasies of men and women. The options are endless. There are no limitations to the imagination of a fantasy, although preferences and requests must align with the partner’s to feel comfortable. If you haven’t yet discovered what you want to practice with your partner in intimacy, it’s time to find your fantasy with an erotic Newcastle escort in the UK. Perhaps you will match some of the most popular fantasies:

Have a threesome and orgies

A threesome is what takes over male desires. According to the Department of Psychology at the University of Quebec, 84.5% of men repeat the constant of two women and one man in erotic fantasies. In comparison, 75.3% seek orgies with more than three women.

Also, 56.5% of women wish to have threesomes and participate in orgies with more than three people between men and women.

Strip dance

Women seem to love to do sensual dances as if they were in a strip dance club. The role-play that turns them on the most is dancing scantily clad or naked to seductive music. In addition, the partner feels seduced and aroused if the woman dresses up as a nurse, firefighter, schoolgirl or another attractive character.


A study by Canadian psychologists indicates that about 65% of women want to be sexually dominated. Sadomasochism is a practice that consists of tying the hands, pulling the hair, covering the eyes and dominating the partner. According to these experts, some women are attracted to being dominated and others to being dominatrix. By dominating the man, they feel more powerful during intercourse. And many couples like that.

Having a steamy night with a stranger

Intercourse with strangers is one of the most criticized practices for being outside the social norm. Even so, it is fascinating to hire a Dublin escort to have anonymous fun or go to a party and have intimacy with someone you have just met. The important thing is to avoid risks by using barrier methods of contraception.

Passion with an ex

The Illicit Encounters survey in the UK reveals that 55% want to hook up with their ex again. They explain that it is one of the fantasies they most want to experience. Of women, 57% think about this because they want closure, to relive the experience or to satisfy an unfulfilled desire.

The 5 most popular fantasies

Couples desire other fantasies

Research from the University of Quebec in Canada and Illicit Encounters in the UK reflects that men are the most likely to focus on erotic fantasies such as threesomes, orgies and nights of passion with strangers. In addition, they desire casual or anonymous intercourse with girls at a party, escorts or strippers. But tastes between men and women do not vary much.

The most common fantasy among women (84.9%) is to have intercourse in a romantic place with kisses and caresses, as stated by IMESEX. For their part, 81.7% seek fun in strange places; 78.5% want to receive oral blowjobs and 72.1% love to perform fellatio on a man.
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In addition, women fantasize about onanism (68.1%) and 57.3% about the chance of being caught and having a public.

For men, the most recurrent fantasy is to have oral (87.6%), to do it in an unexpected place (82.3%) and to see two women having some action (82.1%). In contrast to women, only 78.4% desire a romantic place for intimacy, while 78.1% prefer to perform oral on a woman.

In conclusion, more women than men feel the need for romantic, gentle and quiet night. So let’s say that the majority of women believe that love is fundamental to having a relationship.
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Conversely, more men than women like to perform oral on a partner. But both slightly agree with doing it in public because of the adrenaline of being discovered.

The couple’s complicity is relevant to the relationship and fulfilling their fantasies. And communication is key to have healthy boundaries and supporting each other to have healthier sexuality.