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The 6 Eggs Riddle Truly Lives – the Puzzle Breaching the Internet Is Explained!

The 6 Eggs Riddle Truly Lives - the Puzzle Breaching the Internet Is Explained!

Riddles are gradually replacing other forms of isolated entertainment, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and crossword puzzles with your grandma.

Riddles and puzzles are great because they encourage participation and thought, and there is typically more than one right solution.

Seeing how others respond to the same question can completely alter your perspective and make you doubt how well you truly knew your “best buddy.”

The ‘I Have 6 Eggs Riddle’ is the newest viral joke, spreading across WhatsApp groups even faster than Tiger King jokes. Find below a detailed breakdown of the puzzle and its solutions.

Not everything is as easy as it seems at first.

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This riddle’s question appears to be quite straightforward, which should immediately raise red flags. This is how the puzzle goes:

I am currently in possession of six eggs. I shattered 2, prepared 2, and devoured 2. I was wondering how many eggs I actually had.

Think about what you might come up with before reading on. We don’t want to smack you in the face with spoilers, but the solutions are coming up next.

Right, here comes the tough part…

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I Have 6 Eggs: Answer

Considering that most people still don’t trust the internet and that nobody seems to know the real answer, we’d suggest six is the most likely option.

If the grammar in the puzzle is correct, you should have six eggs left.

Explanation: Since the puzzle contains both past and present tense, the correct solution is 6.

You have six eggs right now; that’s a present tense sentence in the riddle.

A number of eggs were afterward broken, cooked, and consumed by you, it continues. That’s called a “past tense” clause.

The past tense of the verbs “broke,” “boiled,” and “eating” suggests that these eggs are distinct from the six you already have.

You have six eggs, to put it simply. You previously did something with other eggs. As a result, you still own six eggs.

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Extra explanation:

However many eggs were cracked, cooked, and consumed, that is all in the past now. Even if the riddle had required that you crack 100 eggs, fry 1, and eat 1, the correct answer would have been six.

I had six eggs if that was the mystery. I shattered 2, prepared 2, and devoured 2. I was wondering how many eggs I actually had. If that were the case, the response would change.

Why Most People Will Argue that The Answer Is Four Eggs Even Though I Have Six

The other two most frequent selections are 4 and 0. Assuming you lose two eggs after breaking them, two more when frying them, and two more when eating them, you get zero. No, you have it wrong.

The more astute among us then conclude that the two shattered eggs are the same eggs we use in cooking and eating and that the mystery has been solved. Here we find the source of the number four, which is the result of this process.

If, however, you guessed “four,” you’ve been tricked by the riddle, which is intended to divert your attention away from the grammar by appealing to your understanding of how eggs are cracked, cooked, and consumed.

I have six eggs; your answer of four or zero solves the puzzle. Another kind of puzzle is that I shattered two, fried two, and devoured two.

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