The Best Alternatives To Truecaller

The Best Alternatives To Truecaller

When Truecaller debuted, it was one of the first smartphone apps to provide worldwide caller ID functions, and I quite liked it. However, Truecaller has gotten to be too bloated in recent years. The app is one of the key causes of smartphone battery drainage in the background. I’m also not a fan of the fact that the service takes excessive information regarding my phone calls and contacts. For these reasons, I’m no longer interested in using this service.

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The best Truecaller alternatives for Android and iPhone in 2020

The list of applications that we’ve included in this post is shown below. For simple navigation, all of the applications provide anchor links.

  • Whoscall
  • Showcaller
  • Hiya
  • CallApp
  • Mr. Number
  • TrapCall
  • Callback
  • Caller ID
  • ViewCaller
  • Number


Whoscall is one of the finest caller ID services available, so it’s also one of the greatest Truecaller alternatives for Android and iOS users. Over 65 million people have downloaded the app, which has had nearly a billion phone numbers added to it since its launch. One of the greatest features of this service is its offline database, which allows users to identify calls even when they are not online.

This is something that even Truecaller cannot accomplish. The app also offers additional functionality, such as the ability to filter spam calls, the blocking of certain numbers, searches for unknown numbers to find out who they belong to, and more. You should take a look at this if you are searching for a Truecaller alternative.


Another Truecaller competitor is Showcaller, which is simple to set up and use. The app is really tiny (4MB) and doesn’t take up much of your phone’s resources. It’s lightweight, consumes little power, and doesn’t operate in the background as much as Truecaller does. The program distinguishes most of the suspicious calls and displays comprehensive caller ID information on incoming calls, including the names and photographs of the people who are calling. Spam calls are effectively identified and blocked by the service.

In my experience, the program successfully filtered almost all of the spam calls. I appreciate that the software includes a fast T9 dialer, allowing me to quickly search my contacts. The app also includes a built-in call recorder, an unknown number search, an offline database, and more.


Hiya is a powerful caller ID software that notifies you of the calls you wish to pick up and rejects the numbers and texts you don’t want to receive. It’s also compatible with Apple Watch, allowing Like Truecaller, allows you to identify unknown numbers, research for unknown numbers, and automatically reject spam calls. Aside from the app’s intended purposes, my favorite aspect of Hiya is that it is entirely free of charge and does not contain any advertising.

The majority of the other applications on this list demand you to pay a premium rate or show advertising. Hiya does not do either, and as a result, it offers the most pleasant user experience of all the caller ID software I have reviewed. Hiya is the app for you if you don’t want to see advertising and still want to use the complete caller-ID experience.

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CallApp is a caller ID software with the capacity to record calls, recognizing unknown callers and spam calls. The app enables the recording of both incoming and outgoing calls, which is useful for those who want it. Furthermore, as a caller ID software, it is primarily intended to identify unknown calls, which it does successfully. It’s a matter of debate whether or not spam call blocking is better than that offered by some of the other applications on this list.

It’s possible that I was receiving more spam calls while using this program. I don’t appreciate how much battery this program uses. The app used more battery in my experiments and the drainage was comparable to that observed when using Truecaller. That being said, it is still a decent caller ID and calls recording software, and it deserves to be on this list.

Mr. Number

Mr. is a very odd name for a man, and he is even more unusual than his name would suggest. When you download Number, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It has a lot of bells and whistles that may seem daunting at first but aren’t difficult to use in the long run. The program does an excellent job of detecting unknown numbers, and the spam call blocking is also on par with some of the best applications. One of the finest features about this app is that you may predefine conditions that will allow you to exclude calls from certain people, area codes, or even an entire nation.

This option is quite useful for catching international spam calls, which frequently go through most of caller ID applications. The application also includes all of the standard functions, such as being able to find unknown numbers, making calls blocked for specific phone numbers, and more. It’s completely worth checking out as a viable Truecaller alternative.


If you’re a smartphone user, TrapCall is a great alternative to Truecaller. However, the app is not available for Android devices. The ratings on the Play Store indicate that their Android version is less effective. Ratings, on the other hand, don’t always reveal the whole story, so you may investigate it further.

it’s an aggressive anti-spam software that has the ability to record and transcribe your calls. The No Caller ID option, which employs TrapCall’s proprietary technology to identify the origin of an anonymous blocked caller ID, is the first. When you’re deciding whether to accept or reject a call, know whether an automated notification is coming in handy.

There’s also automatic spam filtering, which largely prevents automated callers. They keep a current worldwide list of spam callers up to date, so you always have the most recent protection. The program also allows you to quickly blacklist abusive and inconvenient callers. The recipients of the calls hear a warning that your phone has been disconnected and are none the wiser.

There’s also support for Live Caller ID, like as with Truecaller. The Mavic 2 Pro also has a number of additional features, including the option to save incoming calls, a privacy lock for unknown callers, and more. TrapCall provides a wealth of advantages over TrueCaller, as you can see.


the ability to obstruct spam calls. This is a conventional no-frills dialer. It cannot identify unknown numbers, as it is not a caller ID app. However, its call blocking feature is one of the most powerful I’ve seen in any program, therefore it made the cut.

The app, which has more than 3 million classified entries from across 100 countries, has blocked more than 86.7 percent of telemarketing calls, making it one of the industry’s top performances. If you’re getting a lot of spam calls and none of the callerID applications listed here, such as Truecaller, are helping, you should install this software.

Caller ID

The app can identify calls and display photographs and names of unknown callers, as the name implies. The most exciting feature of this software is that it may be linked with social media accounts. The program links to Facebook and other social media sites to discover your contact’s real photographs, resulting in a photo-based address book and dialer. That implies you’ll get considerably more data on unknown numbers using this app than Truecaller or any other caller ID program on this list.

Truecaller, on the other hand, has a larger database than ChatSecure. This program is excellent as a backup for contacts since it contains the information you need. The app also includes features like spam call blocking, an availability checker, and more.


Another cross-platform Truecaller alternative is CallCentric, which works with both Android and iOS smartphones. The program does a wonderful job of covering the necessary aspects. It can prevent you from receiving unsolicited phone calls by identifying any unknown callers. You can see who is calling before you answer the call by utilizing the caller ID function. It operates in real-time, so you know who is calling before you pick up the conversation.

Also part of the app is a suite of features, including speed dialing with support for T9 dialing and call history that is kept. Smart search and more are included in the package. You may delete the app as well as any data previously associated with it. Because you can’t use Honey to send money, there’s no need to worry about your address book being used for that purpose. By using the same email and phone number on each service provider (for example, Gmail and Google Play), you’re able to link accounts across apps This is a user-friendly caller ID and spam call blocker that everyone can use.

10. Number

Nexo is an Android-only spam call blocker that delivers all the essential features of caller identification software. Users can easily block unknown numbers in real-time, filter spam calls, create number blacklists, update their current contracts with their most up-to-date phone numbers, photos, and email IDs, and more. The built-in chatting system of this app is another distinctive feature.

The app will automatically identify your buddies that use Number and allow you to communicate over the internet, saving you money on SMS costs. I believe there are times when users will profit from this feature. You may test out any of the applications that we’ve mentioned until now if you don’t enjoy them.

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Caller ID Features with These Truecaller Replacements

That concludes our list of the finest Truecaller alternatives for Android and iOS devices in India. Truecaller may be replaced by the applications on this list. Check out our list and let us know which one is your favorite caller ID software for India by leaving a comment below.

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