The 10 Best Pubg Mobile Replacements for Android and iOS Devices

The 10 Best Pubg Mobile Replacements for Android and Ios Devices

It’s hard to find the perfect game. You want something that has enough depth and complexity, but not too much so you get bored. Something with just the right amount of challenge, but not too difficult or frustrating. And it needs to be fun! That’s why we compiled this list of 10 games like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS that are worth checking out if you love battle royale games as much as we do. We know how frustrating it can be when you download a new app only to realize it doesn’t have what you’re looking for – 

In July, the Indian government prohibited 59 Chinese applications on grounds of cyberspace sovereignty and integrity. Following that, we had provided a number of Chinese app replacements for more privacy. The Indian government has now prohibited PUBG Mobile, a popular battle royale game, along with 117 other Chinese programs. It was certainly a surprise given that Tencent is one of India’s most important markets. Anyhow, since the government has prohibited the game, we’ve come up with some PUBG alternatives. Without waiting any longer, let’s get started looking for the greatest PUBG Mobile clone games on Android and iOS.

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The Best Battle Royale Games similar to PUBG Mobile (2021)

We have handpicked the top 10 games that are similar to PUBG Mobile, both for Android and iOS. The below list has been determined based on PUBG’s survival gameplay, which made it so popular, and compatibility across a variety of platforms from low-end to high-end devices. You may jump to the appropriate section in this article by clicking on the link below and reading about games comparable to PUBG Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty-Mobile arrived last year on Android and iOS to challenge PUBG Mobile. Now, the game has a sizable following in India, much like PUBG Mobile. Now that PUBG has been banned, it’s the ideal opportunity to experience this excellent battle royale game.

To begin with, the game is published by Activision, a U.S.-based developer, so there’s little chance of it being banned. The most appealing aspect of Call of Duty-Mobile is that it provides everything you liked about PUBG. You can play a 100-player battle royale mode, a 5v5 deathmatch, and other multiplayer games like Call of Duty Black Ops.

You may also personalize your character, weapons, acquire new characters, earn rewards, and much more. Best of all, the game takes up only 2GB of storage and works well on low-end Android phones, allowing it to adequately compete with PUBG Mobile in India. Simply said, Call of Duty-Mobile is the finest PUBG alternative available at this time.


It’s time for Epic to enter the Indian market, following Fortnite’s removal from the Apple App Store and PUBG’s prohibition in India. Because more than 75% of Indian smartphone users use Android, Fortnite has the potential to develop significantly. However, the only thing that makes it a second-place is its huge download size and compatibility issues.

The Google Play Store has removed Fortnite. There’s a good chance this is because Epic Games, not Google, continues to maintain the service. If you sign in using your GMAIL login info here, you’ll be able to download it from their own store. In addition, there was no mention of whether or not Android devices would be The installation procedure is straightforward, and we’ve put up a video in our how to install Fortnite on Android without the Play Store article that will teach you how. My biggest gripe is that Fortnite takes up a lot of space, requiring 8GB of storage on my inexpensive Android smartphones, notably in India.

Aside from that, to play Fortnite on Android, you’ll need an Android device with Android 8 or higher installed as well as at least 4GB of RAM, a GPU with Adreno 530/Mali G71, or greater, and a mid-to-high-end CPU. In other words, if your Android device has a Snapdragon 8-series processor, you’re all set. Some 6-series processors are also able to play Fortnite well now, in addition to a few other games.

Moving on to the gameplay, Fortnite is a game that shares a lot of similarities with PUBG Mobile. 100-player battle royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World. Creative is where you can build your own island and Save the World is a tower defense game in which you must defend the world. It’s similar to PUBG s Cheer Park, except that it’s more focused on building than survival.

In terms of gameplay, I’d say Fortnite is superior to PUBG Mobile. You don’t want to miss out on this chance now that a new Fornite season has begun.

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Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Free Fire – Battlegrounds may be the game you’ve been looking for if you aren’t yet ready to go all out in a high-capacity fight. The gameplay is simple to pick up, but the main draw for you is that in order to survive until the end, you must go against 49 other players in a 10-minute period. That’s a fast game to practice all of your talents before an epic confrontation.

The fundamentals of the battle royale mode remain unaltered. After you’ve dropped on an isolated island, you must locate suitable weapons as well as medkits and stay inside the safe zone to win the fight.

You may also form four-man teams and discuss things with in-game voice chat. The graphics are fluid, so you shouldn’t encounter any lag while playing.

Fight for Survival in a Hopeless Situation

The game is set in the future when technology has progressed to a point where people can connect with one another across huge distances. But instead of being able to share information through text or images, they’ve been given the ability to communicate directly. It’s a PUBG alternative with a focus on survival. The game has a survival mode where you can battle against 121 players to be the last person standing.

The game has an Asian atmosphere and you would feel right at home. You may fly a helicopter, land in new locations, and fight the deadly combat to victory. The game is not only about guns and weapons, but you’ll need sharp strategic abilities like PUBG to win the round.

Avoiding falling off of cliffs is similar to avoiding falling off of trees; whether you’re on land or in the air, there’s a danger zone that you must stay inside to play the game. It’s also worth noting that it works with a wide range of Android devices. Overall, Hopeless Land is a good substitute for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS, with over 50 million downloads on Play Store alone.

The 10 Best Pubg Mobile Replacements for Android and Ios Devices

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a battle royale game that’s similar to PUBG Mobile, but with a unique spin. It’s not your typical blood-filled shooter, but it features cute characters and a cartoonish setting. But at the end of the day, you do have one major topic-a 32-player battle royale game in which the violence does not cease.

I’m a huge fan of Battlelands Royale because you don’t have to wait in lobbies to start playing. Tap the play button to begin your journey through an infinite sky; go ahead and pillage, shoot, and survive. The battle royale lasts for no more than 3 to 5 minutes.

You may play the game in either solo or team mode, and you must secure your area from all angles. The game may be somewhat overwhelming at first since it is large and you will have to learn about all of the jobs. All in all, Battlelands Royale is a fun-filled game with PUBG Mobile comparable features.

The Royale Combat’s End of Season One

The Royale Combat has a distinction from the others on this list. It’s one of the few battle royale games created by an Indian company. According to ScarFall, one of the best Made-in-India games in the gaming category was selected out of hundreds of applications for the AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

If you want to stop playing Chinese-backed battle royale games altogether, ScarFall is a good choice. It has both online and offline multiplayer modes, in addition to single-player games. You must survive in the shrinking safe zone and you will have three opportunities to win.

There’s even a solo and 4v4 squad mode to play if that’s what you want. For your information, ScarFall provides both third-person and first-person shooter experiences. In terms of theme and gameplay, ScarFall appears to be PUBG Mobile, with over 1 million downloads on the Play Store.

Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds

Do any Minecraft enthusiasts live in your house? If you’re a real fan of pixel-style retro visuals, Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds may be the ideal way to enjoy battle royale fights on your phone.

You must again withstand the foes’ fury in a block city where your block-figure can shoot with an AK, Pixel Gun, SMG, several-barrel, and other weapons to end the deathmatch.

This game is currently in development, therefore you may encounter some bugs. While trying to enter or leave houses, or aiming for a shoot, I was able to do so, but all other activities are as smooth as butter in the crazy 3D block city.

To help you take down foes, the designers have also attempted to simplify the game mechanics by utilizing an auto-shoot mode.

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Black Survival

Black Survival has established a cult following among mobile gamers by adding its own style to the popular PUBG-style games. The game begins with your avatar, a young woman, standing before the dragon king. She is told to gather all of the mystical artifacts called Dragon Gems throughout her adventure. This is why the game is so fast-paced, as it forces you to take charge and fight for top position in around 20 minutes.

Although the gameplay may appear simple at first, it can be difficult for some as you must move fast. You’ll have to learn different sorts of characters, which will give you various special powers and weapons. However, you’ll also need to memorize recipes that let you make about 600 kinds of weapons, tools, and meals – this is a benefit without a doubt. Finally, it might be a thrilling action-packed experience overall.

Danger Close

Another battle royale game, Danger Close, has developed considerably in recent months. You can do so in Just Cause 3, which is reminiscent of PUBG. The good news is that the developer, Metalhead Software, has released a new map for Danger Close. It’s even more detailed and features additional elements such as recoil, looting, and a brand-new inventory system. You may now select from eight distinct locations on the globe, such as alien planets or a pirate-infested island.

You can also play online first-person shooter deathmatch whenever you please, aside from that. Of course, the visuals do not compare to PUBG’s amazing game world, but with such a tiny footprint, you can quickly join an online deathmatch, which is fantastic. Simply put, if you’re looking for a quick multiplayer game, Danger Close is an excellent substitute for PUBG Mobile.


Zooba is our last game on this list, and it’s one of the most hilarious battle royale games available. Zooba is an online free-to-play survival adventure game in which animal characters serve as the basis. In a 20-player death match, you may play a survival adventure game with Zooba.

It s a fast-paced, thrilling, and absolutely fun game that you can play to give yourself a break from gory, blood-filled battles. In some ways, PUBG’s gameplay is less intensive than that of BATTLEGROUNDS, but it does provide a taste of a battlefield conflict.

What I appreciate about this game is its good visual quality. The game has been created with particular gaming controls and physics-based actions in mind. Not to add that, because you can upgrade your character in the game using the rewards you earn, you may customize it and become a Zoo adventure legend.

Indian gamers will get a bonus of FAU-G.

Many of the most popular titles are available on these services. If you’re a fan of PUBG Mobile, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this game as it’s done with similar sensibilities and gameplay. n-Core Games recently announced that it will be bringing out a mobile version of its flagship title in 2020. The mobile game, dubbed Fearless and United Guards, received over one million pre-registrations in a single day when the game opened pre-registrations in November.

In the first episode of FAU-G, you assume the persona of an Indian soldier and begin your adventure in Galway Valley. As a soldier, your goal is to defend the nation from enemy invaders. To learn more, you may watch the game below.

The 10 Best Pubg Mobile Replacements for Android and Ios Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Game is Similar to PUBG?

Call of Duty-Mobile and Fortnite are games that are similar to PUBG in terms of theme and gameplay. You may play this game in a wide range of ways, with many different modes. The popular 100-player deathmatch is one such mode.

In 2021, will PUBG be a still-playable game?

I would say, yes. Even after its retirement, PUBG is still a viable game in 2021, despite the new map updates. However, since the game has been banned in India, you have no other alternatives but to explore different solutions. Our list of the greatest PUBG games for Android and iOS can help you locate them.

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Is PUBG Banned in China?

According to reports, PUBG has been banned in China due to the game’s in-app purchase feature not being permitted by the government. According to a recent study, Tencent has moved PUBG out of China and into Game of Peace.

Which Country Is Playing PUBG The Most?

If you exclude PUBG Mobile players, India goes to the top of the list. However, if you combine both PC and mobile users, China comes out on top.

Which country’s game is PUBG?

The game is called PUBG and it’s made and published by Tencent Games, a Chinese firm. The video game began with a South Korean entertainment software developer Bluehole. In 2017, Tencent Games acquired rights to Bluehole for 10% of the business.

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After the ban, here are some of the best games like PUBG Mobile.

These are the finest games similar to PUBG Mobile that you may play once the ban is implemented. There are several strong battle royale games available, and you may certainly try one of the aforementioned alternatives. Over the years, several game companies have taken advantage of the hype surrounding the battle royale genre, and now we have potential PUBG alternatives that are just as fun if not better in gameplay. Tell us which game title you tried and loved the most in the comments section below.

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