Starry Styles: Unveiling Your Dream Wedding Dress Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are several aspects to take into account while selecting the ideal wedding dress for you. Style, cut, fabric, and finishing touches like beads, patterns, or embroidery must all be taken into consideration. The first step to choosing the dress of your dreams, according to Southern Living, is to establish your everyday style. Yet, it’s true, understanding your zodiac sign’s personality characteristics and preferences may help point you in the proper route. A person’s astrological style “is a means to locate oneself inside the universe, while conveying a part of personal identity,” according to Vogue contributor Ben Evans.

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant items of clothing you will ever wear is your wedding gown. But, with so many confusing alternatives, it may be challenging for even the most determined bride to decide what would be ideal for her special day (via BBC). We’re breaking down the top looks and shapes for each of the 12 zodiac signs to help you choose your ideal gown.

What Is a Zodiac Sign?

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

What is a zodiac sign, to begin with? You probably check your horoscope every day, but how does it describe your personality? Each of the 12 signs represents a different aspect of you, including your qualities, desires, strengths, and sense of style, yet they are not inflexible.

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Bold and Daring Styles Suit Aries

Aries brides are outgoing, self-assured, and adventurous. You are the head of your zodiac group, according to the AstroTwins, which naturally makes you daring and passionate (via Astrostyle). You also like experimenting with fashion.

Thus, a delicate and understated bridal gown won’t do. The greatest wedding gown for an Aries will include a plunging neckline to satisfy your adventurous side, a form-fitting shape, and plenty of sparkling embellishment.

Taurus Loves Timeless Luxury

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

Taureans have a luxury side, despite being realistic and level-headed by nature. Yet, quality, comfort, and timeless beauty are more important when picking your wedding dress than branding. The Zodiac Style claims that a Taurus’ distinctive style is understated but feminine, with a tendency to flaunt the throat and shoulders. To create the timeless appearance you desire, think about wearing a silk, off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a traditional A-line style. If you’re still confused about where to begin, consider the grandeur of classic Hollywood.

Gemini Gets the Best of Both Worlds

Gemini brides want a wedding gown that people will still be talking about years from now, long after the DJ has put down his speakers. Yet it’s normal for you to be a little unsure (via Co-Star). While a part of you yearns for something majestic and princess-like, the other side of you desires something risk-taking and contemporary. Try wearing a wedding dress with a removable skirt if you want the best of both worlds. At the ceremony, dazzle your guests by donning a gorgeous ball gown; then, at the reception, return in a miniskirt and leave them speechless.

Cancer Favors the Classics

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

For a Cancer Bride, Traditional Wedding Dress Designs with Vintage or Antique Accents Are Ideal. You Are Sentimental, Maternal, and Wistful as A Moon Sign (via Horoscope). You Are Drawn to Nostalgic Items and Traditional Clothing Trends that Arouse Happy Memories of Family and Friendship. Go for A Dress with A Sweetheart Neckline and Beautiful Pearl Embellishments if You Aren’t Already Going to Wear Your Mother’s or Grandmother’s Gown.

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Leos Showcase Their Flair For The Dramatic

According to Astrologer Lisa Stardust, Leos Are Naturally Theatrical, Self-Assured, and Enjoy Being the Centre of Attention. Leo Brides Need a Voluminous Dress with Lots of Shimmer and Brilliance as A Consequence. for The Ideal Balance of Drama and Elegance if You Are a Leo, Search for Full Ball Dresses with Layers of Tulle, Plunging Necklines, or An Open Back. on Your Special Day, All Eyes Will Be on You if You Use a Combination of All Three.

Refined Simplicity Is What Virgos Choose

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

Despite Their Shyness and Tendency for Perfection, Harmonious Virgos Are Among the Zodiac Signs with The Best Sense of Style. You Appreciate Goddess-Like Cuts that Accentuate Your Body, Simple Elegance, and Custom Accessories with A Hint of Nature. While Looking for Your Wedding Gown, Go for Flowing Materials Like Chiffon and Straightforward yet Attractive Patterns that Highlight Your Inherent Beauty. Mecca James-Williams, a Stylist, Told Fashionista that Virgos Are a Sign that Will Enjoy Life’s Pleasures and May Change with The Seasons and Fashions.

in Spite of Everything, They Continuously Attain Easy Glamour Because They Know What They Want.

Libras Should Embrace Color

While Choosing Their Wedding Dress, Libra Brides Are Passionate and Seductive Trend-Setters Who Consider Their Partner’s Preferences. the New York Post Claims that You Are an Adept at Striking the Ideal Mix Between Traditional Romanticism and Figure-Hugging Outfits that Accentuate Your Breasts and Butt. Mermaid-Style Dresses with Fashionable Flower Motifs Are a Beautiful Combination of Classic and Modern. to Highlight Your Natural Beauty, Wear Your Outfit with Blush and Rosy Pink-Toned Natural Makeup.

Scorpios Will Turn Heads in BlackThe best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

Everyone Is Aware that A Scorpio Bride Is All About Unconventional Clothes in Dark Hues with A Seductive, Magnetic Aura. You Don’t Hesitate to Make a Statement by Trying Something Novel or Unexpected, Like a Lovely Black Dress with Sexy, Sensual Cuts. Scorpios Also Stick to The Fashions that Make Them Happy, Despite the fact that Other People Are Put Off by Their Intense Emotionality (via Astrology Matters). Because You Are a Scorpio and Have a Vivid Imagination, You Can Adorn Any Dramatic Garment You Want.

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Sagittarius Is a True Boho Bride

The Sagittarius Bride Is Unabashedly a Free Spirit. You Have a Great Sense of Humour and Aren’t Overly Particular About Your Appearance, According to Stitch Fix.

Despite This, You Always Maintain a Professional but Not Stuffy Demeanour and Like Bright Colours that Express Who You Truly Are. It Is a Smart Idea to Choose a Wedding Gown that Blends Your Passion for Exploration and Travel with An Eye-Catching Style. the Perfect Accessories to Match Your Wedding Wanderlust Look Are Lace, Glitter, and A Gorgeous Bouquet.

Capricorns Can Rock a Jumpsuit

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

According to Astrologer Lisa Stardust, Capricorn Brides Choose a More Traditional and Understated Look with Antique Details Like “flowing Bell Sleeves,” Lace Trim, or A Corset with Exposed Boning. You Probably Have a Very High Level of Fashion Sophistication as A Capricorn, yet You Never Compromise Trends for Comfort. a Wedding Jumpsuit Is a Terrific Option if You’re Practical and Want to Move Quickly. for A Style that Your Spouse (and Wedding Guests) Will Never Forget, Team It With A Chic Pair of Shoes and Striking Jewellery.

Pastels Are a Dream Come True for Aquarius

Future-Oriented and Creative Thinkers, Aquarians Prefer to Think Beyond the Box. You’re Modest yet Inventive, Smart but Eccentric, You Love to Establish Trends, and You Don’t Mind Being Rebellious (via Stitch Fix). Yet, What You Aren’t Big on Our Designs and Vivid Colours. Although Staying Loyal to Your Childhood Ideal of The Ideal Wedding, Traditional Wedding Dress Styles in Pastel Hues of Blue and Lavender Are a Terrific Way to Stand out From Other Brides.

Flowing Silhouettes Are Perfect for Pisces

The best wedding dress for you, according to your zodiac sign

An Idealistic, Kind, and The Creative Bride Is a Pisces. Brides Claim that You Are Also Kind, Sensitive People Who Have a Connection to Free-Flowing Water. You Are a Romantic with These Playful, Free-Spirited Traits Who Will Embrace Spontaneity on Your Wedding Day.

Pisces Can Choose a Flowing Silhouette with Eye-Catching Details Like a Distinctive Neckline, a Jewelled Bodice, or Embroidery in Blue when Choosing Their Dress. Mermaid-Style Outfits, Which Assist in Highlight Your Feminine Shape, Are Also Popular with Pisces.