The Bond Producer Has Revealed the Age of The Upcoming 007 Actor

Michael G. Wilson, the producer of the “James Bond” films, has teased what the next entry in the secret agent series might be like.

Wilson did, however, reveal the age of the actor who will suit up for the next film, despite remaining tight-lipped on much of the speculation surrounding the next British spy.

Since Daniel Craig’s departure from the role in the wake of his final Bond film, “No Time to Die,” there has been much conjecture about who will succeed him.

As casting for the next James Bond continues, rumors have circulated about Idris Elba and Tom Hardy possibly taking over the role. RegĂ©-Jean Page, star of the TV show “Bridgerton,” is another name that has been bandied about to play the martini-loving spy.
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Wilson said, “We’ve tried looking at younger people in the past,” at a Bond event held Friday at the British Film Institute, as reported by Deadline. But trying to picture it in your mind doesn’t work.

Craig, then 38 years old, replaced Pierce Brosnan as Bond in 2006 and has since appeared in four 007 films.
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The Bond Producer Has Revealed the Age of The Upcoming 007 Actor

Wilson remarked, “Don’t forget, Bond’s already a veteran.” This guy has seen a lot. He’s someone who’s “been there, done that.” Possibly he served in the Special Air Service. He isn’t just some high school grad to bring in and train. This is why it appeals to people in their thirties.

Hardy, 45, and Elba, 50, who were both considered strong candidates, are now out of the running.

Roger Moore, who played Bond for the seventh and final time in “A View to a Kill,” was the oldest Bond at 58 years old.

Earlier this month, Brosnan, who played Bond on screen for four films between 1995 and 2002, said he doesn’t have a preference for the actor who succeeds him in the role.

In a cover interview with GQ, he asked, “Who should do it?” Forget it; I don’t give a damn.

It’ll be fascinating to see who they choose for this role,” he went on. No matter who he is, I hope the best for him.