The Boys Season 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!

The Boys, Amazon’s gloriously irreverent superhero frolic, will return for a third season this year. The program has found a receptive following among those who are tired of Marvel and DC’s more typical superhero stories. What about a story in which the protagonists are monsters?

But enough with the prologue. When will season 3 of The Boys premiere, who will be in it, and what will it be about?

The release date for season 3 of The Boys has been set.

Season 3 of The Boys will premiere on June 3, 2022!

This is the earliest the program has ever premiered in the calendar year. Of course, the performance was also postponed for a year, most likely due to the epidemic. In the years 2020 and 2021, there was a lot of that. From here on out, I’m hoping for easy sailing.

The cast of season three of The Boys

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), and, of course, the evil Homelander will all return in The Boys (Anthony Starr).

All of the characters who made it through the first two seasons will return. Jensen Ackles, a Supernatural veteran who plays Solder Boy, a Captain America spoof, is the major newcomer. Because that’s how things usually happen on this show, expect him to be upstanding in public but a real jerk in private.

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Synopsis of the third season of The Boys

Season 3 of The Boys does not yet have an official storyline, but writer Eric Kripke has said that it would focus on the history of Vought, a global business that develops superheroes. Since Soldier Boy was officially Vought’s first superhero, we think he’ll be a part of it.

When we last left off, Homelander’s Nazi lover Stormfront had been neutralized (albeit not totally dead), and the Boys, with the aid of Queen Maeve, had gained some control over Homelander himself. That implies Homelander has been appeased…for the time being, but you know that won’t last. And according to the first teaser clip we’ve seen, he’s even closer to snapping than normal.

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Trailer for season 3 of The Boys

A teaser for the program has been posted by Amazon:

I’m not sure which is worse: Homelander’s tight smile or Homelander’s sudden upset there. That man is terrifying in everything he does.