The Chances of Bird Brown Developing Cancer Are Greater than 50%

In the premiere of Season 14 of Alaskan Bush People, Bird Brown was injured and taken to the hospital. The doctor advised her family that there is a greater than 50% possibility that the cancerous growth may recur.

On the program airing on Sunday, October 2nd, the 27-year-story old’s took center stage as surgeons worked feverishly to remove pre-cancerous lesions from her ovaries.

After learning that a hysterectomy is the only treatment option that can ensure the tumors will not return, she was faced with a difficult dilemma. Well-wishers have been flooding her inbox ever since.

Bird Brown Had a Precancerous Tumor

The bird had been experiencing stomach aches for a week when doctors finally diagnosed a precancerous growth. Even though doctors were successful in removing the tumors, they told the star of Alaskan Bush People that they likely would grow back.

A massive cystic tumor filled her whole abdomen and was surrounded by liquids. The bird appeared sad during her hospital visit, but she also said she knows God has a plan for her.

In the premiere of season 14, we saw Bird sobbing while holding her sister Rain in a hospital bed. After the incident, the doctors at the hospital pressed her to make a major choice.

Doctors Say She’s at High Cancer Risk

The Chances of Bird Brown Developing Cancer Are Greater than 50%

Without a thorough hysterectomy, Bird’s risk of developing cancer would remain high; however, she will be unable to have children after the operation. She had previously mentioned that starting a family would require a lot of sacrifices.

She remains at future risk, although the doctor told her at the time that it was “not definitely cancer.” As per Covid-19 regulations, cameras weren’t allowed in the operating room while she was having surgery.

Both Ami and Rain stayed by her side during her hospital stay, documenting events with their own mobile devices. She developed two tumors on her ovaries, the larger of which was eight pounds. During the initial procedure, her uterus and ovaries were left intact.

But she hasn’t decided whether or not to get the hysterectomy yet.

Alaskan Bush People Fans Send Wishes

As soon as Bird’s difficult decision was revealed, viewers of Alaska’s Bush People began sending their best wishes. After hearing of her trip to the hospital, many people have commented with well wishes and prayers.

The very painful episode” wrote one viewer. I’ll be saying prayers for her and the medics who are helping her through this.

Another wrote, “I want the best for Birdy!” We will be praying for you.

What an arduous decision for a young lady to face. “Sending prayers,” one viewer wrote.

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