The Digital Draw: Playing Blackjack Online

Although its origins are pretty much still up for debate, most agree that Blackjack probably originated in French casinos around the 17th Century. However, some people think the game dates as far back as the Romans, who would play it using wooden blocks. What we can tell from these opinions is that Blackjack has been around for centuries!

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The Digital Draw: Playing Blackjack Online

Live Quantum Blackjack

A mainstay of games in land-based casinos, Blackjack, has evolved through time to also now being played in online casinos. What’s more, there are a fair few variations of Blackjack online games to keep things interesting.

With this version of Blackjack, between one and three multiplier cards are dealt, which players can see on their screen. If one of these cards happens to match one of the cards in your hand, you could win a payout of 3x, 5x, or 10x its original amount. But there’s more: if you win the round, and all of your cards match the multipliers, you have the potential to win a payout 1000x the original amount.
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This relatively new version of Blackjack doesn’t have any card symbols and is played using eight standard decks of cards, with the usual suits. The game aims to beat the live dealer and/or hit a total of 21 with your cards.

You get to do this by wagering between 1 and 500 coins, after which you’ll receive two cards. The dealer will then receive two cards; one down and the other face up. The next move is yours as you need to decide whether to stick with your current cards (stand) or take another card (hit). 

Blackjack Surrender

Challenges are good for the soul, so if you’re up for one, then Blackjack Surrender is the ultimate version of Blackjack for you. It allows players to give up, or surrender, their hand, on the proviso the dealer has checked for blackjack and you feel your first two cards won’t cut it. If you do this, you get to keep half your bet. Alternatively, if you’re feeling lucky and choose to go the distance with your hand and don’t go bust after drawing seven cards, you’ll win an even money payout.

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Standard Las Vegas Blackjack rules apply once the cards are dealt, with players able to place a bet between £1 And £10,000. In a nutshell: players can’t split their hand, only get one card when they split aces, can double after splitting, and have the option to buy insurance if the dealer’s up card is an ace. In addition, the dealer must draw on any total under 16 and then stand on anything 17 or higher.
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The Digital Draw: Playing Blackjack Online

As one of the most popular card games around the world, blackjack has managed to effortlessly move from land-based premises to online sites without hesitation or compromise of game quality. This is what players want. They want to be able to play this game whenever the mood suits them and wherever they feel comfortable. Being able to play it online means they can achieve this and possibly enjoy the many variations of it at the same time, too.