The Former President Lashes out At “Unpolitical Thugs” on Truth Social, as Navarro Is Charged in Relation to The Jan. 6 Incident!

As Navarro is charged in relation to the Jan. 6 incident, the former president lashes out at “unpolitical thugs” on Truth Social.

Following Peter Navarro’s charge, a well-known proponent of fake election fraud conspiracy theories, Donald Trump slammed the 6th January Select Committee. He is currently facing a formal contempt of Congress accusation.

On Truth Social, his own social network, the former president posted, “Wow!” “Peter Navarro, our bright Harvard-educated White House Trade official…was just detained, shackled, and placed into prison because he didn’t heed the commands of the Unselect Committee of political THUGS,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that Mr. Trump may shortly make his candidacy for the forthcoming 2024 presidential election public.

The supporter base should be built by Mr. Trump while “it is still fresh in people’s minds,” according to Jason Miller, a longtime confidante and former aide, who spoke to NBC News. The story claims that two former members of the president’s inner circle have been urged to think about the date of July 4 as a potential announcement date, but Mr. Miller stressed that it was “not true” that the day had been set aside, even informally.

When Is the Hearing, and What Will Be Discussed?

The House Select Committee, which is looking into the Capitol Uprising that happened on January 6, 2021, will hold six public hearings, per the proposed schedule.

On Thursday, June 9, and Thursday, June 23, the committee is scheduled to have two primetime hearings at 8:00 p.m. Extra public sessions will be held on June 13, June 15, June 16, and June 21 at 10 am in the middle of the proceedings.

The hearings are anticipated to provide a summary of the legal violations committed by Donald Trump and some of his allies in their attempt to rig the 2020 presidential election.

The public must be informed, the chairman stated. Simply demonstrating what occurred on January 6 must be done.

The public hasn’t noticed how January 6 is connected.

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Adams Schiff: The Public Hasn’t Seen how It All Came Together

Adam Schiff, a Democrat and member of the 6 January committee, discussed yesterday on CBS News’s Face the Nation what argument a panel will be seeking to make during the televised hearings that start later this week.

The public hasn’t seen how it all came together, how one attempt to rig the election led to another, and how it eventually resulted in awful violence, he claimed.

Fox News Won’t Be Airing the January 6 Hearings Live

The Former President Lashes out At "Unpolitical Thugs" on Truth Social, as Navarro Is Charged in Relation to The Jan. 6 Incident!

In a press release, Fox News announced that it would not be broadcasting the public hearings live on their channel on January 6 but rather would only be airing them “when news warranted” during its prime time programs.

Instead, the statement on Monday stated that its sister station “Fox Business” would carry live coverage of the hearings.

Due to its choice, Fox News is the only major US news outlet that will not be live-streaming the whole 6 January Committee hearing on the day that it is scheduled to begin on Thursday.

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Concerning Peter Navarro

The Former President Lashes out At "Unpolitical Thugs" on Truth Social, as Navarro Is Charged in Relation to The Jan. 6 Incident!

On July 15, 1949, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pete Kent Navarro, also known as Peter Navarro, was born. Author and economist from the United States. He held the positions of Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Assistant to the President, and National Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator during Trump’s presidency.

Prior to its transformation into the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, he worked as the White House National Trade Council’s director and deputy assistant to the president, both newly established positions in the White House Office. In April 2017, a new position was created by executive order. Republican Party member he is.

In addition, he is a retired professor of economics and public policy at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. He is also the writer of several books, including Death by China. In San Diego, California, Navarro unsuccessfully ran for office five times.