The Great Season 3: Is It Renewed for A New Season?

Since 2020, the acclaimed “anti-historical” television programme has been successful in luring in fans of drama and romance. The life of Catherine the Great, the longest-reigning female tsar in Russian history, served as a major inspiration for it. We have laughed, cried, and been on the edge of our seats throughout the show’s two seasons of “an almost entirely false plot” due to the numerous cliffhangers.

From double-crossing and court tension to outright civil war in the golden palace, The Great is jam-packed with compelling drama. Fans are obviously eager to see what will happen in the upcoming episode of the drama series. Thankfully, The Great’s third season has already been revealed.

Yes, it’s time to put on your powdered wigs since Peter III and Catherine will be portrayed by Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning, respectively. What these royals will accomplish in the upcoming season of the popular show may be something you’re curious about. Or maybe you’re curious about the location and time of in-person viewings.

The Great Season 3 Plot

the great season 3 release date

Although the plot of The Great season 3 is currently unknown, we have a good idea of what our favourite king or queen will be up to in the future based on staff interviews and the season 2 cliffhanger.

Near the end of season 2, we saw a lot of murder, heartache, and difficult relationships come to a head. In a stunning twist, Catherine’s diplomatic manoeuvres lead to the assassination of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and put her under intense pressure to kill her ex-husband, Peter.

Peter also ran into a difficult situation as the battle for the throne went on. In front of his close friends, the cunning ex-royal of Sweden explained how he must murder Catherine in order to live happily ever after, forcing the imprisoned monarch to choose between his survival and his heart.

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the great season 3 release date

Therefore, it seems as though the husband and wife team is involved in a new civil war. However, this time they both have invested feelings and sentiments in one another, making the situation quite heated. In the season 2 finale, Catherine decided to kill Peter in the back in order to permanently establish her rule. However, it turned out that she killed a doppelganger instead of her own spouse.

With Peter continuing to demonstrate his growth and his newfound love for his wife and son, Paul, the third season will probably feature the two attempting to reach a compromise where they can both live. Unlike the power-hungry monster that everyone saw in season 1 and who came dangerously close to drowning Catharine.

Where Can I Watch the Great Season 3?

the great season 3 release date

The third season of The Great is expected to premiere on the US streaming service Hulu, just like the previous two. On Starzplay, which can be accessed through Prime Video, The Great season 3 will be streamable in the UK.

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The Release Date for Season 3 of The Great

Season 3 of The Great has not yet been released as of February 2023. The Great’s third season is currently in production, which is fantastic news. The programme was renewed, and Hulu declared that the new season would have 10 episodes in January 2022. Yay! A happy tweet served as confirmation of the information.

The Great Season 3 Trailer

Fans of Catherine, the third season of The Great has not yet released a trailer. Unfortunately, since production hasn’t begun and there isn’t enough content for a season preview trailer, we are still in the dark about this. But we’ll let you know as soon as the Emmy-nominated sitcom releases its upcoming teaser.