Is The Imposter on Netflix is a True Story?

More than a decade after The Imposter’s release, Netflix subscribers are thrilled with the true crime documentary recently released on the streaming platform.

Is The Imposter a True Story

The Imposter (2012), directed by Bert Layton, features French con man Frederick Bourdin, who deceived the authorities and his grieving family before disappearing three years before him in 1994.

His son Nicholas tells a true story that made him believe he was Barclay. He claimed he was kidnapped and taken to Spain where he was a victim of sex trafficking.

Still of Nicholas Barclay (Madman Films / YouTube)

Bourdin had the same tattoo as the missing boy, but he was much older, spoke with a French accent, and had a different hair and eye color, yet his family accepted him as Berkeley.

Ultimately, Bourdain was found to be an impostor by a private investigator and his FBI agents.

Now, viewers have taken to Twitter to express their distrust of the “Bonker” documentary and how they escaped identity theft in the first place.

Faced with renewed interest in the documentary, social media exploded with stunned reactions from users who saw the film for the first time years after its release.

One of her stunned viewers wrote, “Watching #TheImposter on Netflix like he’s OMG.”

Another question was, “Why isn’t ‘Brainwashed Your Brainwashed’ trending on Twitter? #TheImposter is confusing, but incredible in terms of the intelligence employed.

Era in history. Life looks different before the Internet when we recall the world depicted in . “I saw #theimposter and I can understand his sister wanting to believe it was him, but didn’t all these cops ask about his eye color change?”

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Another wrote, “Well this is bonkers,” while one more said, “Just when you think you can’t watch anything more crazy on Netflix. Watch #TheImposter.”

Yet another stumped user chimed in, “#theimposter has got to be the most asinine, outlandish sequence of events. At the end of it all the poor kid was never found and the truth most likely won’t ever come out.”

Where is Nicholas Barclay now?

The case remains largely unsolved, and unfortunately Nicholas Barkley has never been found, but private investigators appear to be actively working on it.

However, since he is dead, we don’t know what happened to Nicholas. Jason developed a drug problem after his disappearance and later died of a cocaine overdose in 1998, his death stalling the investigation.

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Bourdain spent six years in prison for his crimes. He pleaded guilty to passport fraud and perjury and was sentenced to six years in prison, KSAT reports. But even in prison, Burdin tried to keep the stories he crafted with Barclay. I hoped to gain sympathy.

If you want to check out The Imposter, it’s easy to watch. The film is now streaming on Netflix.