The Last Kingdom Season 5: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Season four of The Last Kingdom premiered in April 2020, with Uhtred of Bebbanburg resolute in his desire to reclaim his kingdom from his enemies. However, since then, it has been unable to return to our screens.

Bernard Cornwell has written a further five novels in his The Saxon Stories series, which inspired the first four seasons of The Last Kingdom – but there is still plenty of material for the show to draw from for the fifth season and beyond.

Is there going to be a fifth season of The Last Kingdom?

The Last Kingdom Season 5

While Netflix has confirmed a fifth season of The Last Kingdom is on the way, no specific date has been set.

“We are really proud of The Last Kingdom, which continues to entertain audiences around the world,” Carnival Films Executive Producer Nigel Marchant said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing it back for season five on Netflix after such a positive response to the previous season. We’re thrilled to be able to give Uhtred’s devoted followers the opportunity to follow him on his next adventure.

During an interview with Variety, Uhtred star Alexander Dreymon said, “The fans have been amazing.”. It’s all been through word of mouth.

Advertising has never been a big part of our business. We’re able to keep going thanks to the support of our fans. Their support, kindness, and enthusiasm are unparalleled. All of us at the school are grateful for your support.”

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It was Dreymon’s response to the news that at least one episode of the final season has been confirmed: “Playing Uhtred for five seasons has been an amazing journey for me.” In addition, I’m grateful for the opportunity to direct. With the help of our cast and crew, I came to appreciate their extraordinary ability all the more. Without our fans, none of this would be possible. “I can’t wait to show it to them.”

As production on the fifth season came to an end in June 2021, it appeared that Uhtred’s adventures were coming to an end. At MCM Comic Con in London earlier this month, Dreymon announced his intention to reprise his role as Uhtred in a two-hour film that would wrap up his story.

The film’s conclusion, titled Seven Kings Must Die, will begin filming in Budapest early next year. According to fans who are familiar with Bernard Cornwell’s novels, it’s possible that the title of the feature-length episode is a reference to a passage in Cornwell’s book Death of Kings, in which Uhtred is given a chilling prophecy:

In the end, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, seven kings will perish, as will the women he loves. It is inevitable that the Saxons will kill what they love and the Danes will gain everything, and that everything will be different and the same as it has ever been and always will be.

“Although season five fully concludes the series, there was always one more story that we wanted to tell,” executive producer Nigel Marchant said in a Netflix statement announcing the movie.

We couldn’t resist one final journey with Uhtred because of Netflix’s brilliant support and the continued appetite of the fans to see more.”

The Last Kingdom season 5 release date on Netflix: When will it premiere?

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom season five has yet to receive an official release date as of 12, April 2022.

A combination of a coronavirus halting filming and an unpredictable release schedule means there’s no way to predict when the show will arrive.

Seasons one through four were released in spurts. The first two, which aired on BBC in October 2015 and March 2017, were released on DVD and Blu-ray in those months. Netflix then picked up the show, with the third and fourth seasons airing in November 2018 and April 26, 2020, respectively.

Season five’s filming began in December 2020 and lasted into the following year. Filming was completed in June, and director Jon East shared the clapperboard for the final scene with the cast and crew on set.


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 The first footage from the film was released on Twitter in April 2021.

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The fifth season of The Last Kingdom is currently being filmed, as you may have guessed.

We’re extremely fortunate to be in production right now, given the circumstances,” Alexander says in the video. So far, “everyone is doing their part, the project is going very well, and we are looking forward to a truly exceptional outcome.”

“We wouldn’t be here without you,” the German actor told the show’s audience. “We’re all sending you lots of love.” “I wanted to say thank you for all your continued support.”

The Last Kingdom season 5 cast: Who’s in it?

It’s a given that some cast members won’t be back for season five in a world where bloody battles are as common as getting a pint at your local.

After he died, Ian Hart’s Father Beocca was gone forever.

For Nigel Marchant, the loss of Ian Hart was devastating, but “we’ve always tried to show that the battles have real consequences,” he told That’s combined with Uhtred’s haste in believing that now is the time to retake Bebbanburg, despite his lack of understanding of the consequences.

Since his father figure has always been there to guide and fight with him, as well as serve as a moral compass, “he loses that person.”

Aethelred, played by Toby Regbo, also left us.

I would like to believe it was genuine redemption, Marchant said. The way I read it is that way, too.

“I think he learned from his mistakes and regretted them in those moments when you look back on your life,” he says. I believe there is a point in the story where he realizes how cruel he had been to Aethelflaed. At this point, “ambition had taken hold.”

Magnus Bruun and Adrian Bouchet played the roles of Cnut and Steapa, respectively.

Because there would be no Last Kingdom without Alexander Dreymon, he has returned.

In an interview with Backstage, he revealed that the most difficult part of playing this character was to keep it fresh and interesting. Once your lover’s head is cut off and thrown at you, where do you go from there? You’re playing the same character. Uhtred is the victim of an increasing number of horrific events, which is incomprehensible.

Many questioned the veracity of Eliza Butterworth’s Aelswith, the victim of Adrian Schiller’s Aethelhelm assassination attempt.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

As far as we know, Butterworth will be joining the cast for the final season via HeyUGuys.

“It’s been wonderful to be reunited with The Last Kingdom’s family.” Seven years ago, I was 21 and now I’m 28 – which means that I’ve been doing this for a large portion of my life.

A “family” has been formed among the cast and crew, as well as the film’s production and distribution. As a result, “Wow, we’re very fortunate here,” I thought when I returned to do that during the pandemic.

Even Eliza Butterworth, who has hinted at an ambiguous finale, has hinted at the necessity of the two-hour special.

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We’ve had some writers from season one all the way through to season five, so they really know our characters inside and out. When a season comes to an end, there’s a sense that everything has to be wrapped up, but that’s not how it feels in the season as a whole; there’s still plenty of room for the audience’s imagination.

“It was really exciting to play her in those more sensitive sides, not only emotionally but now physically,” the actress told We can see her completely disintegrate and become utterly helpless.

Those who are close to her are moved to tears by her plight and realize how much they rely on her presence. If she leaves, it’s heartbreaking, but we don’t know for sure. It’s impossible to say for sure.”

Butterworth is returning in season five, and we can expect her to be even nastier and more vengeful than before. In my opinion, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is that she gets to have a few villainous moments.

Getting to play someone who is cold and sassy with people is a lot of fun for me because I hope I am not like that in real life, but it’s fun to see her do it on screen. “That I do enjoy,” she told the Daily Express.

Aethelhelm’s time on Earth may be numbered as well. As Adrian Schiller revealed in Fansided’s Winter is Coming, his character’s good fortune might be running out soon.

“It’s hard to imagine how he’ll be able to make it.” After seeing a character who is plotting to ruin your favorite character’s life, dramatic morality dictates that they die a painful death. I’m going to guess that’s where he’s going.

the last kingdom season 5

Assuming it does, Schiller has an idea of what might happen.

To me, the most interesting thing to happen would be if he succeeds in killing Aelswith for two or three episodes and then makes another attempt to reach the other kids. In any case, he is exposed.

The more he tries to escape, the better off he’ll be in the long run. That’d be awesome, right? My guess is that a lot of people out there would like to see him severely beaten and then executed!”

What will happen in season 5 of The Last Kingdom?

This season, “Uhtred realizes his destiny is tied to the future of England itself, not only to the city of Bebbanburg,” according to the official synopsis released by Netflix.

“Uhtred’s ambition will have an even higher purpose when he is tasked with training King Edward’s first-born son Aethelstan as a warrior,” it says.

Uhtred will have to face his greatest enemy and suffer his greatest loss in order to fulfill his destiny.

EP Marchant told RadioTimes, “I think we want to tell the story of these separate kingdoms coming together and how that union occurs, and also does Uhtred get back to Bebbanburg??” Is he satisfied with his goal? The question is whether or not he can find his legacy.

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How does he fit into the plan to merge these kingdoms?

The Last Kingdom season 5

Dreymon confirmed during the MCM Comic Con virtual panel that the fifth installment will unpack the events of Warriors of the Storm (book nine) and The Flame Bearer, confirming that the show will continue to adapt Cornwell’s Saxon Stories (book 10).

It’s stated in the Warriors of the Storm synopsis that Bebbanburg’s “strongly fortified city of Chester” controls northern Mercia from there.

But he is under attack from a variety of sources. With the help of the Northumbrians, the Northmen, led by Ragnall Ivarson, will soon be joined by the Irish, and their strength will be overwhelming.

King Alfred’s son Edward and daughter the flawed, who rule over Wessex, Mercia, and East Anglia, are reluctant to leave their fortifications despite the growing threat. However, who can be trusted when Uhtred’s own daughter is married to Ivarson’s brother?

“Uhtred of Bebbanburg finally has the chance to take back the home his traitorous uncle stole from him so many years ago – and which his scheming cousin still occupies,” reads the synopsis for The Flame Bearer on Amazon.

Despite his best efforts, Uhtred’s enemies and oaths cause him to lose focus on his ultimate goal of recapturing Bebbanburg, and the fragile peace in Britain is in danger of devolving into a war of annihilation.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be significant changes just because it is based on those specific novels.

As surprised as we were that season one did not use full stops, season two started a trend where villain Ivar Ivarsson was trimmed and replaced with Viking brothers Sigfrid and Erik, who don’t appear until book four. This trend has continued since then.

There are times when it doesn’t work for us to stick to the book’s plot and characters, but we try our best.” We may never see them again, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t via Winter Is Coming.

The Last Kingdom season 5

Even if you’ve already read Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer, we’re confident that there will be surprises in store.

This is especially true when adopting two books that span a six-year period, one of the biggest challenges for the team. The make-up artists need to be notified!

As we enter Season 5, where Uhtred is technically the main character… Dreymon speculated that “he starts at 54 and ends at 60 in the books” (via Because how do we make it look like Uhtred is getting older without making it look comical? “We’re working on it,” they respond.

On June 16, 2021, the official Instagram account began to reveal first looks at a variety of time-jumped characters as a result of their efforts.

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In the beginning, they chose Uhtred as their subject, with the caption, “It’s time to look ahead… Where are we going next? Who is going to join us?

Make-up artists haven’t been under as much pressure as the Last Kingdom’s wig makers, but Uhtred’s longer hair seems to carry a lot of the time-wimey exposition in this picture.


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 When Ewan Horrocks was unveiled as Aelfweard on July 26, perhaps the biggest contrast was made. Although we’ve known for a while that Aelfweard has matured, it still shocks us to see him.

According to the image’s caption, he’s going to be dealing with some adult responsibilities soon.

See if you can spot any new grey hairs on the official Instagram account for more first looks.


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 Seven Kings Must Die will be based on three more books by the prolific author, War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord, all of which will be released in 2022.

This is the final book in the Saxon Stories series, according to Cornwell’s Facebook post.

Since some characters have been cut or their stories have been sped up, what is his opinion of this series?

By the time he spoke to Reader’s Digest, “I was aware of the limitations they had,” he said. It was a fantastic effort, in my opinion. Every time I see it, I ask myself, “Why didn’t I trim the story down like that?” A shorter, bloodier book would have sufficed better. “It was fantastic,” I exclaimed.

A brotherly bond exists between Uhtred and Mark’s character, according to Mark Rowley in an interview with The Express.

Finan resembles Uhtred a lot. Despite the fact that Finan is a classic lad who likes to have fun, he hides a lot and I believe that Uhtred has moments where he acts like a lad as well.

“Both Uhtred and Finan have a delicate underbelly. They see each other as possessing those qualities, and I believe they also respect each other, which is very important. Finan, if anything happened to Uhtred, I believe he would step in and help the men and his family.”

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The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer: When can I watch it?

The Last Kingdom season 5

In the meantime, we can only cross our fingers and hope to the Gods that a trailer will be released soon. To tide you over until then, enjoy the season four trailer up top to refresh your memory.

We’ll have a better idea of when to expect a trailer once the show’s premiere date is announced.

As soon as we can, we’ll get back to you with an answer. While you’re waiting, be sure to save this page and come back often.

Netflix has The Last Kingdom available for viewing.