Uncovering the Outrageous Behavior and Arrogant Attitude of The A-Listers…

People prefer to believe that the famous and the wealthy are “just like us.” That may be true on a human level, but it’s difficult to remain grounded when you have boundless resources and adoring followers who regard you as a living god.

Many renowned people succumb to the negative effects of fame and forget the people who made them famous in the first place—their admirers. There are countless examples of celebrities being unpleasant to service workers or dismissive of their followers, and some are downright abusive.

It’s reasonable to argue that although some celebrities merely happen to be in a bad mood or are caught off guard on a specific day, other celebrities have a reputation for continuously being arrogant and mean-spirited.

Chevy Chase

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

The former Saturday Night Live performer has a reputation for being haughty and challenging to collaborate with. Numerous famous people have related instances of Chase’s reprehensible behavior. Recently, SNL alumnus Pete Davidson criticized the Caddyshack star for being a “bad person,” prompting Chase to retort angrily, “I don’t give a crap!”

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William Shatner

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

There are several reports of William Shatner treating his fans and coworkers rudely and dismissively. Shatner and co-star George Takei had a protracted argument. Shatner is well-recognized for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

Shatner has been referred to be a “cantankerous old man” by Takei, who played Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek series, and we can’t say he’s incorrect. Additionally, it is against Shatner’s stringent policy to sign autographs for fans.

Lea Michele


When it comes to heinous behavior, Lea Michele doesn’t require an introduction. Several of her fellow cast members have referred to the former Glee actress as a diva. After Michele tweeted her support for Black Lives Matter, which spurred many actors to recall her racist microaggressions on set, her blatant mean-girl behavior came to light. To make matters worse, Daybreak actress Jeanté Godlock tweeted a story in which Michele called the extras on Glee “cockroaches.”

Ellen DeGeneres

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

Ellen DeGeneres, formerly known as the “Queen of Nice,” has suffered a severe fall from favor. The talk-show presenter consistently advocated compassion while failing to follow her own guidance. In response to tales gathered from the public, comedian Kevin T. Porter said that DeGeneres was one of the “meanest” persons in the entertainment industry. Needless to say, the negative reports poured in, and she has never truly atoned for her actions.

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Adam Levine

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

The lead singer of Maroon 5 has a dubious background that involves kissing and telling. By talking about his intimate relationships with multiple ex-girlfriends and flings in public, he has publicly humiliated them. Don’t forget that Levine is not really grateful for his hordes of admirers. Last but not least, the musician recently became involved in an infidelity incident, which didn’t exactly help his bad-boy reputation.

Bill Murray

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

Even though Bill Murray has a great Hollywood career, his equally legendary bad behavior may overshadow it. Numerous former coworkers, including Lucy Liu, director McG, and his ex-wife Jennifer Butler Murray, have accused the Charlie’s Angels star of acting in an unethical manner. In his most recent transgression, the actor was caught on camera straddling a female coworker, which forced the production to stop while it dealt with the aftermath.

James Corden


James Corden portrays a pleasant, approachable, and relaxed character on television. Because of his reputation for self-deprecating humor, you could assume that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Sadly, Corden has shown herself to be quite the Hollywood diva.

Although insiders and coworkers have expressed their disgust for the Cats star, his image particularly suffered after Balthazar restaurant owner Keith McNally said that Corden was impolite to his staff.

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Hailey Bieber

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

It’s nothing new for Hailey Bieber to be called a “mean girl.” Bieber has been accused of being impolite to her fans in public, a charge she adamantly disputes. The model apparently sat in a corner with her well-known pals and barely spoke to visitors for the launch of her skincare product Rhode. In regards to the Selena Gomez controversy, we’re not wholly shocked that the web has taken the “Lose You to Love Me” singer’s side.

Russell Crowe

The most pretentious celebrities in Hollywood

Although he was previously in high demand, Russell Crowe has recently been absent from Hollywood. This could be related to the Gladiator actor’s illustrious history of being conceited and challenging to collaborate with. Crowe has been accused of inciting a bar brawl (or two), ranting at a BAFTA producer in a storage room, and—in his most notorious incident—throwing a phone at a hotel clerk in New York City in 2005.

Jennifer Lopez

She was known for going by the moniker “Jenny from the Block,” but we’ve not convinced the title still fits. Although Jennifer Lopez hasn’t made any particularly noteworthy public statements, her reputation isn’t the best. Because of her excessive expectations when touring and singing, Lopez is increasingly being called a diva and is notorious for being disrespectful to her fans.