Uncovering the Most Shocking Love Triangles in World History: Surprising Details…

One of the things that drive human nature is love. It motivates us to make poor choices and, on occasion, drastically transform our lives. It’s more addicting yet does far more damage if it’s intense, dramatic, and severe. When the most powerful individuals in history are involved, this becomes pretty risky.
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The most notorious love triangles have shattered governments, killed thousands of people, and sparked masterpieces of literature and art.

The Affair that Created a New Religion –

There was probably more than one love triangle in King Henry VIII’s reign because he was notorious for having six wives. The most notable one, though, was between himself, his lover Anne Boleyn, and his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

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Anne Boleyn and the Church of England –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

The Pope refused Henry’s plea for authorization to divorce his wife and wed Anne Boleyn. Because to his decision to leave the Catholic Church and found the Church of England, Henry was able to divorce Catherine. In the UK today, the Church of England continues to be the majority faith.

Louis XIV’s Many Love –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

French monarch Louis XIV gave himself the nickname “Sun King” because he believed that he was the center of his realm, much as the Sun is the center of our solar system. Needless to say, he attracted a lot of female attention.

Marquise De Montespan –

The Marquise de Montespan, a noblewoman in Louis XIV’s court, was known for being a rapacious social climber. She was his primary mistress for many years and had seven healthy children!

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Marquise De Maintenon –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

Young Maria Theresa passed away, and the Marquise de Montespan later fell out of favor with Louis XIV due to rumored relationships with witches. His sympathies shifted to the Marquise de Maintenon, his children’s governess. Over the subsequent 30 years, their marital status remained a mystery.
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They were indeed married.

The Daughters of Queen Victoria

The most shocking love triangles in world history

One of the most significant monarchs in British history was Queen Victoria. With each of her nine children’s weddings, which she carefully planned, she ensured that the British royal family was connected to all of the other influential royals in Europe. They weren’t all content with their matches, either.

Princess Louise –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

Princess Louise was reportedly Victoria’s most attractive and independent child, and she got away with picking her own spouse. Instead of marrying a fellow royal, she chose a Scottish lord, but their union would not be blissful.

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Princess Beatrice –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

Prince Beatrice, the younger daughter of Queen Victoria, wed Prince Henry of Battenberg, a prince of Germany. According to legend, Prince Henry and Princess Louise were quite close while Princess Beatrice was preoccupied with fulfilling her mother’s expectations of a good daughter. She had her doubts about their romance, and after Henry passed away, Louise said he had told her that he had never loved Beatrice. The supposed love triangle caused the two sisters’ relationship to deteriorate.

The President’s Wife –

The seventh American president, Andrew Jackson, was married to Rachel Jackson. He was a devoted spouse who would react angrily and quickly to any criticism of either his wife or himself. Sadly, his political rivals had a lot of material to use against him.

President Jackson’s Duel –

The most shocking love triangles in world history

The second spouse of Rachel Jackson was President Andrew Jackson. When she married him, she thought she was divorced, but her ex-husband confirmed that they were still legally married. A adversary of President Jackson challenged him to a fight and ended up murdering him after calling him out on this bigotry incident. Dueling was an accepted method of resolving disputes at the time, thus the President was not charged with murder.

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Helen of Troy –

You can see where this narrative is headed from Helen of Sparta, who later became Helen of Troy. She wed the leader of the Spartans, Menelaus, at a young age. She was enticed by the charming young Paris of Troy, nevertheless, and he secretly brought her back to Troy with him.