The NFL World Reacts to Gisele Bundchen’s Odds

It has been reported that both Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have contacted divorce attorneys as their marriage crumbles. This has led to much speculation about the future connections of both parties.

In fact, chances have been posted on who Gisele Bundchen will date next.

The NFL World Reacts to Gisele Bundchen's Odds

When will we find out who it is?

If Gisele Bundchen is looking for a boyfriend, who will it be? Bodog is perplexed.

“Bradley Cooper plus 800. I give Pete Davidson a thousand pluses. Bradley Cooper +1000 An additional 1600 points for Leonardo DiCaprio +100,000 to the Iron Sheik”

The following boyfriend’s unusual news has sparked a social media discussion among NFL fans.

A joking score for Zach Wilson among the fans: -115.

A third supporter chimed in, “Leonardo is just squandering money away.”

A supporter chimed in, “Pete Davidson is nuts.”

One cheerleader jokingly called for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Hopefully, Brady and Bundchen can work things out and stay married, but if they do end up divorcing, their subsequent relationships will be under the microscope.