The Producer of Jungle Cruise Teases a Sequel with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

Since the first picture starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt did so well at the box office, Disney announced last year that they would be producing a sequel.

Since then, the sequel hasn’t received much attention, but now producer Beau Flynn has provided an update, hinting at the film’s ambitions and saying that there are “huge ideas” for where to take the plot.

“On Jungle Cruise 2, clearly it’s something we really want, I think more important than what Hiram and I want, is Dwayne and Emily have built such a wonderful friendship,” Flynn told Collider.

“The first film features remarkable chemistry between the two of them, and I can tell they have a deep understanding of their roles.

They have lofty goals for the potential of that universe and world, I am sure. My guess is that those two will see to it that a sequel to Jungle Cruise is produced.

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The Producer of Jungle Cruise Teases a Sequel with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

While the first Jungle Cruise film was faithful to the tale of the renowned Disney ride and was set completely in the Amazon, producer Hiram Garcia has hinted that the sequel may feature a more global approach.

According to Garcia’s comments to The Wrap, “one thing fans can expect is for our heroes to traverse more ground.”

“We focused mostly on London and the Amazon in our first film, but we have enormous ideas for this sequel. That, and the pleasure of watching Frank and Lilly’s relationship grow, are just two of the many things we’ve enjoyed experimenting with as we break plot.”

Garcia continued by noting that despite the abundance of ongoing projects at both studios, Jungle Cruise 2 has become a top priority for Seven Bucks and Disney. It seems that some of Johnson and Seven Bucks’ other projects may have to wait until after construction on Jungle Cruise 2 is complete.

The Producer of Jungle Cruise Teases a Sequel with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

“We enjoyed creating that movie,” Garcia continued, “and not just producing that movie but the family that we established coming off of it.” “Emily Blunt has become such a dear friend to the crew and the directors that we simply cannot get enough of working with her.

She and DJ are inseparable and have contributed greatly to our progress as close collaborators.

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We’ve thought through our plan of action and the journey we want to take these men on. To take the fans on another adventure with this cast is a top goal for Disney and us.
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