The Queen of Flow season 2: Netflix Series Release Date CONFIRMED!

The Queen of Flow, or La Reina del Flow in Spanish, is a Colombian television drama shown on Caracol Television. The series was created by Andres Salgado, who also wrote and produced it. Medellin, Antioquia, and New York City were used as locations.

Ernesto Escamilla, Angelica Guerra, and Luis Eduardo Jimenez produced the show, which was directed by Liliana Bocanegra and Rodrigo Lalinde.

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Caracol is a Sony Pictures Television and Telesat co-production.

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The Queen of Flow’s huge popularity in Columbia, where it swiftly became the most-watched show, persuaded Netflix to purchase the show’s global rights. The show finally launched on the streaming platform on November 9, 2018.

Release Date for Season 2 of The Queen of Flow

The Queen of Flow season 2

Season 1 of The Queen of Flow premiered on June 12, 2018, on Caracol Television, and on Netflix on November 9, 2018.

There are a total of 82 episodes in the first season. Season 2 of The Queen of Flow has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, thus the start date for the next season is 16, May 2022.

Given that Caracol Television has renewed the show for a second season, it’s likely that Netflix will do the same. An Instagram post with a picture and the phrase, “How did you appreciate this news?

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” disclosed it. Raise your hand if the announcement of # LaReinaDelFlow2 made you delighted!”

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After its launch on its parent channel, the sitcom took five months to make its way to Netflix. As a result, it seems like The Queen of Flow season 2 is expected as released on 16, May 2022 on Netflix. When new information becomes available, this section will be updated.

The Flow Plot Queen

The Queen of Flow season 2

Yeimy Montoya, a humble, smart 16-year-old who enjoys urban music, is the protagonist of The Queen of Flow. In whatever artistic genre, she strives to be the finest singer the world has ever seen. She had no clue that her fantasy would only last a few minutes.

Her aspirations are cut short when she is tricked by the one in whom she had the most faith.

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She’s over heels in love with Charly, who turns out to be a chronic cheater later on.

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He snatches her music and smuggles cocaine into the US. She gets sentenced to prison in New York and loses her family when they are assassinated on the drug cartel’s orders.

After seventeen years, Yeimy returns with a burning thirst for revenge.

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Her only goal now is to annihilate those who have ruined her life and the lives of her family.

Charly Flow’s career is practically ended when she takes the persona of Tamy Andrade, a wealthy reggaeton producer. She eliminates each of her foes one by one by assuming their identities.