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The rapid growth of casinos across Brazil

The human being has several needs to be satisfied in order to maintain physical and mental health. Thus, work, eating, sleeping well, physical activities, among others, are extremely important for us to maintain a healthy life.

One of the essential activities for this well-being, and that we often neglect is leisure. This is one of the basic conditions for us to relax from our demanding routines in the world of work. This position occupied by leisure is one of the pillars for the birth and growth of casinos in Brazil and around the world, whether real or virtual.

In this context, this article aims to address the rapid growth of casinos casinos(1) in Brazil. To do so, we’ll make a brief history of this mode of fun across the planet. Then, we will focus on the emergence and legalization of casinos in the Brazilian territory. Finally, we will talk about online casinos as gaming possibilities in Brazil and the growth of this mode of entertainment.

crescimento dos cassinos pelo Brasil

World history of the world of casinos

The game and the human being are inseparable elements. Such a practice of fun, challenge, or earning money dates back to 2300 BC The first traces of gambling found among the Chinese date back to this year. The casinos will arrive much later, in 1200, in the beautiful city of Venice, the Serenissima.

The oldest casino in the world is located in this Italian city along the Grand Canal, in the lively Cannaregio district. The Venice Casino, in magnificent Renaissance style, opened its doors in 1200.

In the 17th century, the casino became a quiet place away from city centers. Mainly frequented by important people, it then becomes the place where they gather to play board games and money.

In the 20th century, with the legalization of gambling in the United States, we have the emergence of first houses in the city of Las Vegas.

Let’s now see the appearance of casinos in Brazil.

The first casinos in national territory appear in Brazil-Empire

The legalization of casinos in Brazil went through different historical moments. The first one was right after the independence of Brazil, in 1917. At that time, the gaming houses were frequented only by rich people, from the high nobility. The practice extended to part of the Republican Period and was banned by the government of President Venceslau Brás, in 1917.

In 1917, Getúlio Vargas legalized gambling again and the proliferation of casinos in Brazilian territory was extensive until 1934. Many jobs were created and the tourism industry was promoted.

Already in 1917, President Eurico Gaspar Dutra signed a decree-law and banned the activity. However, to this day, the areas of the economy directly linked to the tourism sector continue to exert social pressure for the practice to be released. But, the story doesn’t end here!

Currently, online casinos are allowed. This is because they are not subject to national laws, which prohibit the creation and establishment of online gaming houses in Brazilian lands.

Let’s see below the growth of online games used in Brazil.

The growth of online casinos in the national territory

Online games have grown enormously in Brazil. One of the reasons is the permission that such companies find for their virtual operation in the country.

In addition, the COVID pandemic-10 was one of the main drivers of this fun model for many Brazilians who found themselves confined at home for months on end. if you also want to meet the successful champions in this expanding world, visit onlinecassino.net.br. You will stay on top of news and the fastest growing casinos in the Brazilian economy.

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    (1) Casinoscrescimento dos cassinos pelo Brasil



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