The ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Taping, Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards Barely Exchanged a Word!

Now that we know Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards, stars of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” are barely speaking to one another, we fear that the relationship between them may be irreparably damaged.

After the reunion taping last month, TMZ was told by production sources that the only form of communication between Kathy and Kyle was through a few texts.

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They’ve made up after fights before, but this one seems different and much more personal.

Fans of the show know that things recently heated up when Lisa Rinna launched herself at Kathy like a heat-seeking missile and accused her of spreading rumors about the rest of the cast and Kyle’s family.

All of this was leading up to the reunion show, and TMZ reports that “People on set” said it hurt to see Kyle and Kathy face each other again. It was “hard to watch” what they did and said to each other on and off camera.

The 'RHOBH' Reunion Taping, Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards

Reunion shows’ ultimate goal is to reunite the cast so production on the next season can get back on track.

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It was the exact opposite this time.

A member of the production crew claims that Kyle’s character was torn to shreds when Kathy suddenly “Unraveled” upon entering the set. After an especially heated argument with her sister, Kyle walked off set, visibly upset.

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Fans will recall that Kathy’s mental state deteriorated during their trip to Aspen, leading to a rift with the other women and possibly Kyle as well.