The Rookie Season 4 Part 2 Episode 20 Recap, What’s Gonna Happen Next?

The Rookie Season 4 Part 2 Finale Recap

“The Oldest FBI Trainee” Simone Clark, played by Niecy Nash in The Rookie’s planted spinoff pilot Part 2, premiered this week.

What do you think of the show now that you’ve learned more about Simone and her potential coworkers?

After the dispersal of the five rented box trucks holding GPS-triggered C4 explosives (which were helpfully labelled with “state names” for easy monitoring), the second instalment, titled “Enervo,” began.

It was up in the air for Grey and Garzo in an FBI helicopter, while Nolan and his team were scrambling about town trying to recover the vehicles.

Since they don’t have access to the L.A. traffic researcher whose data was stolen by Gurin to consult, John proposed that Simone utilise her “life experience” to guess where the other bombs might be headed while riding with her.

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While 17 people were killed and several were injured when one truck exploded, the other four were tracked down and stopped, even if Nolan had to cautiously crash into the final one. In spite of this, Gurin was blowing in the breeze.

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CIA director Adrian Pasdar played dumb when Grey and Garza showed up at his office, believing that the bomber had been a Company man and/or on their own radar because his fingerprints came up confidential.

Then we discovered Pasdar and his squad had a secret interest in finding Gurin after Garza and Grey left.

“People person” Simone instead went to talk to her former student Zeke, who was being held in prison, and asked him for any additional information about the bomber.

Fox tasked Clark with going through screens and screens of tipline calls in the hope that they might contain information about the bomber.

Because of some Russian musicians Simone’s dad Cutty sometimes plays with and Zeke’s sketch of a Russia candy bar, Simone ended up in a store.

When Nolan failed to appear, Simone approached Gurin and struck up a conversation with him on her own. This resulted in a brief brawl in which Gurin severely beat the unarmed trainee before fleeing.

The Rookie Season 4 Episode 20 - The Story Of Simone Clark Continues

After hearing the word “Enervo” in conversation, Bradford feared the worst — and rightfully so, since Pasdar’s armed minions arrived in SUVs to take her away from her ex-lover.

However, Nolan had cleverly slipped his cell inside her jacket, so they were able to locate her and later ambush the CIA truck and reclaim Bradford’s pal.

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Gurin was utilising an Enervo op that was intended to destabilise countries without deploying any weapons, the agent stated back at the LAPD.

When Nolan and Clark found Gurin later that night, he was insistent on telling them his story. A reference to losing his family members due to the CIA…?

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My screener’s audio was muddy or nonexistent.) When Pasdar’s goons arrived to take him away, there was a brief gunfight. However, Nolan’s backup arrived and took away the dubious CIA operatives.

When Garza returned to the police station, he delivered his standard You Are Unconventional! And Break Rules! lecture to new recruit Clark… the possibility of working together again in L.A. if she graduated from the academy.

Her father, Cutty, insisted on driving Clark to the airport instead of Nolan, who had offered to do so after shaking the hand of the police officer who saved his daughter’s life (and vice versa).

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