The Season 4 Timeline Twist in ‘Westworld’ Explained!

Westworld Season 4, Episode 4 spoilers ahead. With Charlotte’s parasitic mind-control flies free to infect his brain in the previous episode of Westworld Season 4, viewers were primed for the show’s fourth episode.

Caleb and Maeve, who had been engaged in combat with the Man in Black hostage-taker elsewhere, managed to take Charlotte hostage and escape, but not before suffering significant battle wounds.

A demolition site at the edge of the Roaring ’20s park was the location where Maeve dispatched her rescue team after Caleb was shot in the abdomen. When tragedy struck again, the timeline began to veer off course.

A construction site exploded, killing Maeve and the Man in Black.

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When Caleb, who was still infected with the fly parasite, was kept inside with Charlotte, he began to lose his sense of reality. Asked where he was, Charlotte’s answer set up the latest Westworld timeline shift.
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It’s not where, but when you should be asking the question. She asked, “How long have you been here?” as part of an interview to determine a candidate’s “fidelity.

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Caleb was horrified when he realized his bloody gunshot wound had vanished and that he no longer existed. There’s no doubt that you’re a version of yourself.” The 278th, do you think?” As Charlotte explained to him, he’d missed a lot of information due to the time jump.

The Season 4 Timeline Twist in 'Westworld' Explained!

He “died in that park,” according to her, 23 years ago. In the meantime, her mind-control parasite had initially worked successfully on grownups, but the developed brains of those adults had been too resistant to change.

Her next step was to spread the parasite by infecting children and allowing it to grow “in perfect synchronicity.” As she explained, it took a generation for those children to mature before she was able to take full control of your world.

Caleb bolted from the building and into the same New York City-like world that Christina (Evan Rachel Wood’s new character) has been living in this season, complete with a giant sound tower to control humanity, after finding himself in Olympiad headquarters rather than the park where he apparently died 23 years earlier.

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Caleb realized what had happened after he accidentally bumped into a stranger on the sidewalk and as Charlotte made her way through the crowd. Charlotte responded, “Welcome to my world,” to his observation that she had “won.” Two men drag Caleb away while placing a bag over his head.

There was an earlier mystery about the female resistance fighter Bernard worked with to unearth a buried weapon in the desert in the previous episode.

In spite of the fact that the other members of her team are sceptical about their chances of finding the weapon they’re searching for — and have thus far only been referred to as “C” — this woman explained to Bernard why she was digging for her own reasons.

It was then that he revealed to her that she was on the hunt for her biological father. She insisted that her father was dead, but Bernard replied that she hadn’t really believed it since she was a little girl. Her response was? “It’s said that this is where it happened. There will be a body if this is true.”

Despite the fact that they found a body, it was not her father’s. Bernerd informed her that Caleb had vanished and that Frankie had grown up. I promised you a specific weapon, and it’s there. Maeve’s body lay there, buried in the sand.

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The Season 4 Timeline Twist in 'Westworld' Explained!

A longer time elapsed between Season 3 and Season 4 than Bernard’s journey to The Sublime, where time exists on an entirely different level. A rough estimate puts the start of Season 4 of Westworld around 2060, which the Man in Black alluded to when he said World War I ended 150 years ago.

The Roaring ’20s scenes take place during this time period. However, based on Frankie’s age and the details from Charlotte’s speech, it appears that the year 2083 is also in play.

As soon as Bernard and C, aka Frankie, have found Maeve’s corpse, her resurrection is guaranteed. She’ll be back in 2083 to try and save the world and restore free will to the populace once more.

No word yet on whether Christina, who recently went on her first date with James Marsden’s Teddy Flood lookalike character, is a part of this alternate timeline, but it’s safe to assume she will play a role in the season’s second half.

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