The Second Season of Little Fires Everywhere: Kerry Washington Teases Twitter Fans!

The first season of Little Fires Everywhere was the most-watched premiere of any series on Hulu’s platform when it premiered in the United States last year.

After the series ended, fans immediately began wondering what would happen next, as they had become hooked on the familial drama and intrigue that had been woven into each episode.

Is it possible that Little Fires Everywhere will return for a second season?

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Recap

The Second Season of Little Fires Everywhere: Kerry Washington Teases Twitter Fans!

In the spring of 2020, Little Fires Everywhere premiered on Hulu in the United States and Amazon Prime Video in other parts of the world.

Mia Warren and her adolescent daughter Pearl are the series’ main characters. They are tenants in an Ohio neighborhood called Shaker Heights, and they are given a task by the home’s owner, Elena Richardson.

Almost immediately, Pearl becomes close with Elena’s kids, especially the outcast Izzy and the crush-obsessed Moody.

Mia meets a woman named Bebe during the course of the show; Bebe has a daughter of her own but is currently living with the McCullough family since she abandoned her newborn daughter for an abortion after falling on hard feet after giving birth.

Elena finds out that Mia shared information about the McCullough family with her, so she investigates Mia’s past and learns that Pearl was meant to be a surrogate baby but Mia didn’t want to give her up and ran away. Bebe eventually gets visitation rights to see her daughter.

When Elena’s eldest daughter Lexie gets pregnant and tries to seek an abortion, she offers Pearl’s name instead of her own, setting off a chain reaction of drama within the family because Pearl is dating Trip and has attracted Moody’s interest.

After the dust settles, Mia and Pearl travel to her parent’s house to make amends and introduce their daughter to her grandparents.

In a flash-forward scenario, it is revealed that Izzy, the black sheep of the Richardson family, was behind the flames since the family fallout forced her to lose her buddy, further adding to the tension in the household.

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Will Little Fires Everywhere Return for Season 2?

The Second Season of Little Fires Everywhere: Kerry Washington Teases Twitter Fans!

Little Fires Everywhere has not confirmed a second season, and it’s quite doubtful that one would be made.

This is due to the fact that Little Fires Everywhere is a “limited series,” which means that its tale will be concluded in a single season.

The show is based on a single book that was never followed up on in any way.

The eight episodes of the TV show adapted from the book left no room for further content.

While the series does end on an intriguing note, there may be room for more to be told about the future adventures of Mia, Pearl, and Izzy, the latter of whom vowed to leave home at the conclusion of episode 8.

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Kerry Washington Teases Fans

Actress Kerry Washington, who plays Mia, startled fans on September 28th, 2021, by sharing a cryptic statement on Twitter that hinted at a second season.

With a link, the tweet included a few emojis and a gif from Little Fires Everywhere.

Kerry Washington may have intended to update followers on season 2, but the webpage she shared a link to instead encouraged people to register to vote ahead of the upcoming midterm elections on November 2.

It’s probably safe to assume that fans were dissatisfied with Kerry’s deceptive behavior.

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