The Seventh Season of Outlander Won’t Be Released in October 2022

No matter how much we wish it were true, Droughtlander is still far from over. The seventh season of Outlander will not premiere on STARZ until next month.

And we are ready for another Droughtlander to finally end. Not anytime soon, though. Season 7 of Outlander is still a long way off.

Our group will miss the October premiere. Even though we had a pretty good idea that was going to be the case, we continued to monitor STARZ’s monthly releases anyhow.

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Sometimes, miracles happen and sometimes STARZ surprises us.
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What then can we anticipate? As soon as possible, please. Really, that’s the crux of the matter.

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When Will Outlander Season 7 Premiere on Starz?

The Seventh Season of Outlander Won't Be Released in October 2022

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the show will premiere on the upscale cable channel.
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Perhaps we’ll get some answers over the weekend.

The likes of Sam Heughan, David Berry, Duncan Lacroix, and Diana Gabaldon will be present at New York Comic Con. Even though we won’t be getting a regular Outlander panel, someone may provide some spoilers.

Of course, you can’t believe a word they say. Keep in mind that Sam promised we’d get Season 6 in February, but we ended up having to wait until March. There was probably an error here, but we won’t know for sure until the show’s marketing staff or STARZ makes an official announcement.

The Seventh Season of Outlander Won't Be Released in October 2022

The folks on the social media team did give us a little something recently to help us get through the rest of Droughtlander. To show us around the Big House, Sam Heughan acted as our tour guide.
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The setting gave the impression of being outside, although he was actually inside the studio. All the inside scenes are shot there since the lighting and sound are ideal. Check out the Twitter video.