The Song ‘Love Is Blind’ Raven Celebrates the Birthday of Her New Lover and Discovers Her “Person”: It’s Much Sweeter

When Raven Ross visited Philadelphia last month, she offered her fans a look at her new partner. Raven Ross has several causes to rejoice!

After splitting from her Love Is Blind co-star Sikiru “SK” Alagbada almost five months prior, the 30-year-old Love Is Blind alum celebrated her new boyfriend’s birthday on a romantic beach vacation on Sunday.

Fans were given a glimpse of the reality star’s unnamed boyfriend as she posted many pictures from the trip.

Ross shared a photo of a colorful hotel room with balloons spelling out “Happy Birthday” in red and silver and the words “I U” scrawled in rose petals. Her lover may be seen on the hotel balcony in the backdrop of the picture admiring the water.

She said on her Instagram Stories, “If you feel like you’ll never find your person, be patient.” “Believe in love and be your best self. Because it is much sweeter once you find it.

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The TV star moreover shared a video of her lover strolling down the shore. In the video, a man wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and a baseball cap is seen immersing his feet in the water.

She captioned the video with, “It blows my mind when I think about how I got here.” “Like anything worthwhile in life, it wasn’t simple. There are many challenges, and it requires time and guts. Yet I’d go through it all again.”

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'Love Is Blind' 's Raven Ross Appears to Post First Pic of New Boyfriend After Split from Ex-Fiancé SK

Less than two weeks have passed since Ross offered fans a glimpse of her boyfriend while touring Philadelphia. The two were shown in a close-up Instagram photo as Raven looked up at her partner’s face, which was hidden by a hat and glasses.

She wrote in her caption, “Philly is a wonderful jawn,” Since her breakup with Alagbada, Ross told the media in February that she had “gone on quite a few dates.”

At the time, she said, “Really, the man who I’m dating right now wrote me a message on Instagram. “It’s not that old. However, knock on wood, everything is going nicely.

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” Ross continued, hoping for a future proposal and creating “a fantastic, long-term connection” with her new partner.

“I really believe that being very detailed always produces positive results. But this year, I’m going to get married. I genuinely believe I am, “She said. I’ll say it out loud: I genuinely believe I’ll get engaged this year.

Said she, “In fact, he is unquestionably the front-runner. Yeah. Oh my God, I’m crazy.”

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'Love Is Blind' 's Raven Ross Appears to Post First Pic of New Boyfriend After Split from Ex-Fiancé SK

During season three of Love Is Blind, Ross and her ex-fiance, 34, formed a relationship in the pods. Despite the fact that she agreed to accept his proposal, Alagbada ultimately left her at the altar due to cultural barriers and worries about maintaining a long-distance relationship.

They subsequently made amends, and when they were filming the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, they were engaged a second time. But after he was suspected of infidelity, they broke up once more.

Alagbada originally refuted the accusations of adultery, but subsequently admitted to having an “inappropriate” chat with another lady, as he later told Media.

“This is not a tour of apologies. It really comes down to my taking responsibility for my acts, owning them, and using what I’ve learned as a result of this event to further my own development “says he. I really regret the pain and humiliation I have caused Raven and want to apologize to her.

Said he, “I’m not pleased with the way I carried myself. I behaved in a manner that had me pausing to think about it.” A live reunion special will air on April 16 while the season finale of Love Is Blind will premiere on April 14 on Netflix.