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The Tourist Season 2: Everything We need to Know so Far in August 2022!

The Tourist Season 2: Everything We need to Know so Far in August 2022!

In The Tourist, a huge tank truck follows a man and tries to force him off the road. Soon after, he comes to a hospital, bleeding and dehydrated but otherwise intact.

Later, when he still isn’t sure who he is, he wanders the wide, merciless Australian outback in search of answers, eventually stopping to look for a can of mountain dew.

Christopher Sweeney and Daniel Nettheim helmed the TV series The Tourist. Harry Williams and his brother Jack Williams wrote it.

Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Genevieve Lemon, Alex Dimitriades, and Damon Herriman are some of the actors who appear in The Tourist.

The executive producers of the TV show The Tourist was Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Christopher Aird, Andrew Benson, Tommy Bulfin, and Chris Sweeney.

Lisa Scott was in charge of production. Produced by Two Brothers Pictures, Highview Productions, All3Media, the South Australian Film Corporation, BBC Studios, ZDF, and Stan, The Tourist is a six-part web series. The Tourist was made available through All3Media’s channels.

The first season of The Tourist is now streaming on BBC One, HBO Max, and Stan. A total of six episodes make up the first season of the show The Tourist.

There’s a chance that The Tourist’s second season will similarly consist of six episodes. We will update this post with new information as soon as we receive it. Let’s check in and see if production on The Tourist Season 2 has begun.

The Tourist Season 2 Potential Release Date: When Will It Air?

Even though we know that Season 2 is in the works, we may have to wait a while for it.

The Emmy-winning producers and screenwriters Harry and Jack Williams who developed Baptiste, The Missing, and Liar will also be returning for the new season with six new hour-long episodes. Aside from that, though, we have no clues.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see anything for quite some time, considering the series premiered on January 1, 2022, and as of the announcement in March, filming hadn’t yet begun.

We’d venture a guess that it won’t be before 2023.

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The Tourist Season 2 Cast:

Discover below who is likely to return for Season 2 of The Tourist.

Let’s take a look at what others had to say about The Tourist’s pilot episode.

Will Jamie Dornan return to The Tourist?

After that shocking conclusion, it’s unclear if Jamie Dornan will return for The Tourist’s second season, as it’s not known if he lived or died. However, it seems like things are going well.

A prior interview with Entertainment Weekly stated that the actor would “love to” reprise the role and that “conversations are being conducted” about doing so.

When asked if ‘The Man,’ he remarked, “That wasn’t the plan, to be honest. There was a pact amongst us, and we all joined.

He continued, “People seem to love The Tourist, wherever it has been so far, in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, in Australia, and who knows where else.” I can hear the chattering of the people around me. So, I guess we’ll see what happens, but I sure hope so!

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The Tourist Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

After learning he was a drug trafficker and then losing his memory, Elliot spiraled into a suicide attempt in which he drank a bottle of vodka and took a large number of pills, as seen at the end of Season 1.

Helen, who is now repulsed, is counseled by a friend to accept him for who he is. After hearing that a burrito was Elliot’s “happy place,” she sends him a burrito emoji while he is on his deathbed. Before the end credits roll, we see Elliot smile after reading the letter.

After finishing the series, Danielle MacDonald told us she immediately called Shalom Bruno-Franklin. And I said, ‘Listen, I can’t talk to anyone about this because no one’s read it and I’m not permitted to say anything, so I really need you to talk to me about it. It’s imperative that we have a conversation about this matter at hand.

Dornan and Brune-Franklin, prior to the release of the last episode, if they thought Season 1 was a self-contained plot or if they would like to return for future installments.

It was joked between the two, “The whole series finishes with Armageddon, so life doesn’t exist anymore.”

Now that we know how Dornan’s character ends up, though, it’s evident that this was at least somewhat accurate. If you want to know more about the ending and whether or not he will make it, then read this article.

However, what do The Tourist’s authors think? In an interview with RadioTimes, Harry Williams expressed his desire to reprise the show’s production with its original cast and crew.

This is something I’m not 100% positive can happen. In addition to the great setting, I adore the wonderful tone. For three years, that was all we did, and we were far closer to the cast than to any other show.

We’ve cherished every single second. Usually by this time, after seeing 900 edits of one episode, you’re bored of it. But I still love it, and I’d love to do it again.

Jack Williams, who also helped create the show, said, “We’re talking about how we could return to this universe,” adding, “Yeah, this world and this tone.” In my opinion, we still have some work to do on that front. If the story is well received, then we’ll take it from there.

Actor Jamie Dornan told Entertainment Weekly in March 2022 that he wouldn’t be opposed to coming back, but that “that wasn’t the plan, to be honest.” It’s something we did as a group, so everyone was on board.

But he isn’t against revisiting Elliot’s past and learning more, as he compares it to his experience on the hit crime show The Fall, in which he co-starred with Gillian Anderson. His words rang true: “The Fall was intended to be one series.” “The Fall was really popular, so we decided to film two more seasons.

People in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and everywhere else it has been so far appearing to really enjoy The Tourist, so who knows? I can hear the chattering of the people around me. Therefore, I hope that this is possible, but we’ll have to see what happens.

Now that we’ve seen the end, there are two potential outcomes for the show. The first is to treat it like an anthology series, in which the main characters die off and the story begins again with a new “tourist” facing just as many obstacles as Jamie Dornan did.

The second option is to let Elliot live and try to make amends for his actions in the past. I suppose we’ll know sooner or later.

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Who Else Will Star in The Tourist Season 2?

While it has not been announced, we hope that Danielle Macdonald will reprise her role as Helen. It would be great if there was a spinoff based on Helen. Nonetheless, I’m sure we’ll learn more about the actors in the near future.

When will series two of The Tourist air?

As the show apparently hasn’t even started filming yet, we have no idea. In any case, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Is There a Trailer for Season Two of The Tourist?

Unfortunately, this information is not yet available; however, we will update this article whenever it becomes available. Meanwhile, here’s the first season’s teaser in case you forgot:

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