The “Unfortunate” Naked Video Leak from Broadway Is Addressed by Jesse Williams!

The leak of film from Jesse Williams’ Broadway performance in Take Me Out made him a celebrity overnight.

Nudity is featured in the play, which portrays the narrative of a baseball star who comes out as gay.

Although cell phone use was prohibited during Williams’ performance, a member of the audience managed to film him in the buff, and the clip instantly went viral online.

The performer has addressed the issue and stated that he is “still processing” what has occurred.

Leaked Video of Jesse Williams Naked Onstage Goes Viral

The "Unfortunate" Naked Video Leak from Broadway Is Addressed by Jesse Williams!

A member of the audience captured a sequence in which the actors took a shower on stage. The video, which included a naked Jesse Williams, rapidly went viral once it was posted online.

Before the show starts, everyone in the audience must deposit their phones in locked cases, which they can retrieve from the foyer by using special tabs.

The Second Stage Theater issued a statement after the video went viral, expressing their “appalled” at the “violation” of their policy and saying, “It is deeply unfortunate that one audience member chose to disrespect the production, their fellow audience members, and, most importantly, the cast in this manner.”

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Williams Responds to Naked Video Leak

The "Unfortunate" Naked Video Leak from Broadway Is Addressed by Jesse Williams!

Williams has broken his silence on the matter, telling The Hollywood Reporter that the leak “definitely helped ticket sales” without impacting the show’s quality.

Williams Responds to Naked Video Leak

He went on to say, “But then also you think about what actually happened, and what it took: You walked in and agreed to put your phones away, and you agreed that you would not film what we were doing—it’s private, sacred space where we’re doing something—and you violated that, and you didn’t just violate it, you violated it and then said, ‘F**k it, let me put it on the Internet for the world,’ so that’s not good.”

Williams, though, has made it clear that he has no intention of letting the circumstances “pervert or seep” into his eight weekly performances of the “terrific” show.

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“I’m Excited to Do Something New”

On the Ellen Show last June, Williams discussed his experience acting while naked, telling guest presenter tWitch that it was “terrifying.”

I’m on the prowl for novel challenges. To feel fright, anticipation, and pressure. The stability of my career is one of its most appealing aspects. He said, “I’m eager to try something new.”

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