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The Video of Rapper Pitbull with Long Hair Goes Viral and Stitches Tiktok Users

The Video of Rapper Pitbull with Long Hair Goes Viral and Stitches Tiktok Users

A new viral video depicting what Rapper Pitbull might look like with long hair has the internet in disbelief. Here’s Pitbull’s TikTok video from when he had long hair.

Once in a while, a TikTok video goes viral and has the entire web in stitches. This time around, it’s the “Pitbull singer with long hair on TikTok” video that’s going viral. Social media users around are going crazy about this video that was posted on Tuesday, April 20.

Pitbull with Long Hair Tiktok Video Goes Viral

On April 20th, TikTok user Anh Nguyen uploaded a video to her account that included a bearded and hairy version of the rapper Pitbull. The user’s reaction to what Pitbull might look like with long hair and a beard is included in the 10-second clip.

The user claimed, “I gave Pitbull long hair and a beard.” Rae’s original, in-the-background sound. Also, three photoshopped images of Pitbull’s long-haired and beardless alter ego, Mr. Worldwide, appear in the video.

The 40-year-old Rapper, with his long hair and beard, is startling and almost unrecognizable.

TikTok users generally approved of the “Pitbull singer with hair video.” The rapper’s new hair and beard were met with widespread praise in the video’s TikTok comments.

According to one commenter, the rapper reminds them of “Jon Snow’s estranged brother Phil Blizzard.” Somebody else said, “Bro, I just spit out my breakfast.” According to a third commenter, “Ain’t Mr. Worldwide anymore, that’s Mr. Universal.”

Many viewers apparently thought the video was supposed to be about the Pitbull dog breed, as suggested by the title.

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Why Is Pitbull Bald?

Fans may wonder why Pitbull has a bald head, but the artist has apparently never discussed the topic publicly.

Though he has repeatedly urged his celebrity friends to experiment with the style.

Pitbull mentioned his role in getting John Travolta to try out the bald look during one of his performances on The Jimmy Fallon Show. As we can see, John did not think twice before trying out the style.

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What Is Pitbull’s Ethnicity?

According to a CNN article, if you’re wondering what race Pitbull is, you should know that he was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents. The rapper is a native of that seaside metropolis.

With a population of just over 11 million, 64% of Cubans are white, according to another article on The remaining nine percent are people of African descent.

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