‘The Woman King’ Delivers, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ May Surprise!

Kim Masters claims that Hollywood’s recent push for fresh ideas has paid dividends. The box office success of “The Woman King,” an action-historical drama starring an all-female cast of Black actors, suggests that the film may have a sequel.

The psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” may have an unexpected launch this week despite the numerous scandals that have dogged its director and cast members. While Masters warns that Disney may be taking a “big roll of the dice” with James Cameron’s planned “Avatar” sequel.

Hungry for Original Material

'The Woman King' Delivers, 'Don't Worry Darling' May Surprise!

People in Hollywood are ecstatic that “The Woman King,” starring Viola Davis and a cast of brilliant black actors, grossed $19 million in a month that was widely predicted to be a box office wasteland: September.

Despite not being a carbon copy of “Top Gun: Maverick,” the film’s soundtrack is excellent.

The news has lifted spirits since Hollywood is starved for fresh ideas that can succeed at the box office.

“Don’t Worry Darling” Controversy

The Kims have created yet another unique work, “Don’t Worry Darling.” The incredible uproar surrounding Olivia Wilde has ensured that most people are aware of it, and the question is whether or not it helps or hurts.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go into all the gory details, Matt. The ones in the know, know. But it’s unclear if all the noise and action off-screen will affect ticket sales. For this weekend, estimates range between $16 and $18 million. At least $20 million has been thrown around as a possible high.

“All of This Other Stuff Is Just Noise”

'The Woman King' Delivers, 'Don't Worry Darling' May Surprise!

Matt: I don’t think most moviegoers give a hoot about that kind of thing. People probably consider reviews, the presence of well-known actors, and a positive gut reaction when determining whether or not to see a film, even if they have heard about it through controversy.

Honestly, I don’t think any of this other information has any bearing on whether or not you’ll want to see the movie.

Kim: I can’t say for sure what draws moviegoers out to theaters these days, but I suspect curiosity plays a role.

The rumor mill around this film has reached absurd proportions, yet perhaps audiences are intrigued by the possibility of reading tension amongst the film’s main players.

Olivia Wilde, the director, dated actor Harry Styles. Apparently, towards the end of it all, Florence Pugh’s family had nothing more to do with these individuals. And perhaps it’s tantalizing to take a look at and speculate, “I wonder if I could see it in their performances.”

The Harry Styles factor

Matt: There’s the automobile accident, and there’s also the Harry Styles part. Even if the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score was in the zeroes, his legion of devoted admirers would still go see it.

The current rate is not very encouraging, coming in at around 33%. Even though it has been panned by critics, “Split” still has box office potential thanks to Harry Styles.

The Whole Movie Business Is Gambling

Kim: In reality, making movies is a huge gamble. In your mind, all the pieces are in place. You pray you to have the necessary supplies. You put out the cash and hope for the best.

Matt: The same might be said for the “Avatar” films since another blockbuster is in the works. Following a 13-year hiatus, the first “Avatar” is returning to theaters this weekend to build anticipation for the next “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which will premiere in December.

Matt: Fox has committed to making four more installments in this series. They’ve already spent around a billion dollars on this franchise, and now Fox doesn’t even exist. Disney has already claimed it. Four “Avatar” films are now either a boon or a burden for Disney.

“It’s a Heavy Roll of The Dice”

'The Woman King' Delivers, 'Don't Worry Darling' May Surprise!

Kim: I’m not exaggerating when I say that Jim Cameron has made the entire film industry into a gamble. He has come through. Those of us who are mature enough recall the pain of “Titanic,” but it was worth it.

Don’t bet against this individual isn’t a phrase I’m fond of using, but there are instances when I think it’s justified.

I wouldn’t put money on this, but I also wouldn’t want to gamble against Jim Cameron. It’s been a while since “Avatar,” but I’m sure the effects have improved greatly. A long time has passed since these people existed.

They are, but that’s why they’re rereleasing it, Matt says. And I anticipate that the advertising for this film will refresh our memories of them significantly before its release.

It’s tough to wager against the follow-up to the film that broke box office records all on its own.