Neighborly Nightmares: Inside the Lives of The Most Infamous Celebrity Neighbors

Although it could seem pleasant and beautiful to live close to a star, fame has a dark and unsettling side. There are various ways that celebrities disturb the quiet of their neighbourhood, from drugs and crazy parties to paparazzi and entitlement.

For the strangest of reasons—his buffaloes—Rick Ross is having conflict with his neighbour. She is concerned that the 2,000-lb beasts represent a threat to her young children after they apparently strayed from his Georgia ranch and into the land directly behind his, according to TMZ.

She claimed to have gone to the rapper’s home to confront him about the matter but instead got into a verbal altercation with a member of his crew. She apparently intends to file a neighbour dispute with the city because the police refused to accept a report because it was considered a civil disagreement. See which surprise celebrities make the worst neighbours by clicking through and reading about the absurd accusations made against them.

Justin Bieber

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Midway through the 2010s, Justin Bieber gained notoriety for his actions, and according to Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former neighbour, the pop star used to be scared of her when she went public with her accusations. He’s terrified of me, the TV judge said to Access Hollywood, adding, “There was a time before he grew up—when he was dumb, and doing silly things.

In order to avoid running into her, Judge Judy noted that Bieber allegedly asked his security to let him know when she was outdoors. I must have mentioned something about it because, after that, I realised he was paying the front door staff to let them know when I entered and left the building so he wouldn’t have to run into me.

In fact, Judge Judy told CBS Los Angeles that Justin Bieber was taking advantage of his fame after his DUI conviction in 2014. According to People, she stated that being famous is a blessing. “You could either handle it with respect or risk seeming foolish. And he’s succeeding admirably in making a fool of himself.” She went on, “I find it depressing. And no one will recall that he was a subpar vocalist. Yet, they will recall a young child who had the potential to have it all but blew it by acting foolishly.” Thankfully, the singer has long since moved past those times.

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Paris Hilton

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Much to the satisfaction of her fellow Beverly Hills neighbours, the heiress was detained and imprisoned for operating a vehicle with a suspended licence at the beginning of 2007. Neighbours banded together to alert the local authorities about the noise and traffic from the numerous reporters who were sure to congregate in the neighbourhood.

when she was freed after a host of problems that come with having one of the paparazzi’s favourite targets down the street. Also, it has been claimed that Paris mistreats the dogs she is seen adoring on film. Neighbours have been forced to follow and return the pets after filing complaints about the animals escaping the house.

Hulk Hogan

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Hulk Hogan is a compulsive animal lover, much like Paris Hilton, who in the 2000s infuriated his Florida neighbours. They reported to the authorities that the home included a verified zoo of domestic pets and agricultural animals, all of which were kept there since he obtained a licence to do so in 1999.

The police allegedly counted “five hens, one rooster, six dogs, one cat, bird cages, and a ferret” when they arrived. Despite several requests for him to clean up his act, it appears that the constant noise and odour persisted for longer than anybody would have liked.

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Brandon Jones

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Others may have been correct in their suspicions that this “Pretty Little Liars” actor was malevolent. After drawing a pistol on one of his neighbours the previous year, Jones entered a plea of not guilty to an assault charge in the early months of 2017.

He stated through his attorney that he and his girlfriend felt “under danger,” but the authorities obviously didn’t think this was a good enough excuse, as he was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 3 years of probation, 30 days of community service, and 26 anger management classes. He initially faced a five-year sentence, so it makes logical that he chose to enter this plea.

Natalie Suleman (also known as “Octomom”)

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Her fourteen children have been generating turmoil in her little California neighbourhood, which has earned her notoriety at home. Parenthood gained her recognition. Locals claim that Suleman neglects to properly discipline and oversee her children, causing them to wail throughout the night as she prioritises caring for the octuplets over the six eldest.

To make matters worse, it’s challenging for the neighbours not just to live there but also to attempt to move somewhere. Realtors are required to inform prospective purchasers that Octomom lives nearby, which lowers property prices and makes it hard for anybody to relocate elsewhere.

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These celebrities are the worst neighbors

An unlawful fireworks display case was being constructed against one Stanley House in the late 1990s, and one of his neighbours was scheduled to appear as a witness. This was enough to send Flesh-N-Bone over the brink, and as police began to threaten him, he was taken into custody.

He had been accused of discharging an assault weapon just a few days before after rounds were heard. A bomb squad’s inquiry led to a check of his family’s home, where they discovered an AK-47, dynamite, and some firecrackers. As a result of the assault with a dangerous weapon charge, House ultimately served eight years in jail.

The Kardashians

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

The most renowned family on reality TV is known for frequently igniting controversy. Khloe unleashed a lavish firework show at midnight in 2015 without giving any advance notice to nearby neighbours or even obtaining a licence from the city. Twelve homeowners opted to sue her as a result for $7500 in each case.

As if that weren’t enough, Kim and Kanye have also irritated nearby neighbours with their noisy and protracted repairs to their Bel-Air house and the overall annoyance of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” camera team that hangs around the area often.

Chris Brown

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

Being no stranger to controversy and scandal, it may not come as a huge surprise that Chris Brown’s poor conduct has an impact on his neighbours as well. In fact, by 2016, his neighbours had taken to pleading for the rapper to leave so they could live in peace.

According to reports, he frequently calls the police, rides his ATV up and down the street, and invites his buddies over to play with his fast vehicles all night long. But, he gained the greatest notoriety following a 2016 incident in which the police waited for him outside for eleven hours following allegations that he had made a gun-wielding threat against a woman inside his home.

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Jake Paul

These celebrities are the worst neighbors

The burning of furniture in this YouTuber’s pool attracted the attention of the general public, and it was a notorious 2017 interview with the local news station KTLA that revealed the full scope of this “hell on earth.” He also scaled the news truck and made fun of the reporter’s shoes while scores of “Paulers” gathered outside.

Jake accused his neighbours of attempted murder when several locals decided to file a class action lawsuit against him, alleging that their vehicle had problems and needed to be towed. His similarly contentious brother Logan purchased a home in 2017 with plans to host “amazing rager parties.” Whether his neighbours despise him too, only time will tell.