The Top Hollywood Actresses Who Brought Disney Princesses to Life on the Silver…

We grew up watching Disney animated movies; stories with wizards, princesses, and princes, as well as enchanted creatures, were very prevalent. Naturally, this means that when a new adaptation of these stories hits the big screen, we’re all eager to see it. even if the new film stars some well-known actors! We have had the opportunity to watch numerous live-action adaptations starring some of our favorite actors over the years.

At Bright Side, we also thought it’d be a fantastic idea to put together a little collection of some of the best performances from the newest live-action Disney films. I sincerely hope you like it as much as we did.

1. Emma Watson

These stars played Disney Princesses on the big screen

The live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, which debuted in 2017, features Emma Watson. Watson gave a terrific performance. She portrays a girl who is different from the other residents of the town and falls in love with a beast for its inner beauty rather than its outside attractiveness.

Fun fact: Before being chosen to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson turned down the part of Cinderella because she didn’t want to portray a defenseless princess. Instead, she chose to play Belle because she is a strong, independent woman who has a wide range of opinions. She also believes that Belle is a fantastic role model.

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2. Lily James

These stars played Disney Princesses on the big screen

Disney chose the English actress that portrayed Cinderella in the critically acclaimed television series Downton Abby in 2015. Because she exudes such great sweetness and elegance, James was a perfect fit for the role. She also gives a princess, who is sometimes represented as vulnerable, a distinct personality and disposition.

Fun fact: As we previously mentioned, Emma Watson was first asked to portray Belle instead of this part. Lily James eventually received the lead role by coincidence; she had initially applied to play one of the villainous stepsisters, but the filmmakers decided she would make a wonderful Cinderella.

3. Lily Collins

These stars played Disney Princesses on the big screen

With a completely new look and multiple plot twists, Snow White, another beloved Brothers Grimm story, made a triumphant return to the big screen. Collins portrays a princess who is banished. Her nasty stepmother Julia Roberts, whose covert aim is to seize control of the kingdom and all of the little girl’s fortune, has sent her to the forest. Snow White meets seven warrior dwarfs in the woodland who will aid her in claiming what is rightfully hers.

Fun fact: Julia Roberts unintentionally tugged Collin’s hair during a fight scene involving the wicked queen, stepmother, and Snow White. The director kept that particular take.

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4. Liu Yifei

Disney producers selected the 33-year-old singer and actress from among hundreds of applications to play the warrior Mulan. Not only that, but Liu Yifei did 90% of the action scenes in the movie herself, so forget about employing stuntmen. This young lady is skilled in all forms of battle, including swordplay and martial arts.

Fun fact: To make the names of some of the characters more plausible, they had to be modified. For instance, Fa Mulan changed into Hua Mulan, Böri Khan changed into Shan Yu, Chen Honghui changed into Li Shang, Chien Po changed into Po, and Fa Zhou (Mulan’s father) changed into Hua Zhou.

5. Elle Fanning

These stars played Disney Princesses on the big screen

Due to its original plot and outstanding cast, Maleficent was a worldwide box-office success. In this instance, child prodigy Elle Fanning played the role of Princess Aurora in both the original movie and its follow-up. Despite sharing the stage with a great actress like Angelina Jolie, she showed her talent by giving a flawless performance of the princess who was pricked by a spinning wheel and still managed to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Fun fact: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, age 5, who is the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, played Princess Aurora in the film as a young girl.