‘They Feel Like a Miracle,’ Says Kyle Richards of These Cryo Sticks

Kyle Richards Swears by These Cryo Sticks: ‘They Feel Like a Miracle’

Due to our affiliate relationships, Us Weekly may be compensated for some links to goods and services. Do you know how you don’t really believe celebrities who endorse skincare products truly use them? Kyle Richards never behaves in such a way. The Real Housewives star is really passionate about her skincare routine, and we adore hearing her discuss her go-to products (and purchasing them for ourselves)!

In addition to her own timeless beauty, Richards is certainly someone we constantly turn to when it comes to anti-aging skincare because she frequently gives accessible, reasonable advice! She just listed her current favorite picks, describing these $19 cryo sticks as “can’t live without” items.

Richards recently recorded an Amazon Live video where she discussed the self-care products she uses at home. She deliberately chose her favorites so she could talk “passionately” about each item, and she really did talk passionately about these cryo sticks!

Richards described to the audience how she had got a facial that completely altered her life. Oh my god, it elevated my facial to another level when the facialist told me, “You know, we’re going to use these cryo sticks on your face,” and then she got them out of the refrigerator.

Richards Then Took Her Personal Floraison Cryo Sticks from Her Tiny Skincare Refrigerator

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They Feel Like a Miracle,' Says Kyle Richards of These Cryo Sticks

She pointed to her skincare refrigerator and said, “So, you’re meant to put them in the freezer, so what I do is I put them in the freezer and then I move them there.” “You folks don’t understand, I use them. They appear to be a miracle.

The TV personality displayed how she uses her sticks to push her skin upward and related that her facialist advised her to pull up her skin seven times every time you drag it down. During the Live, she declared, “I won’t ever do anything down on my face again.” And it’s wise counsel! According to studies, “skin massaging is an effective anti-aging therapy.” in PloS One

Richards recalled the first cryo stick facial and remarked, “Any puffiness or swelling that I had Was entirely gone.” “Guys, I can’t even describe how fantastic this feels.” I can’t believe I went without these before, she continued. Yes, we have to agree that she is a big fan!

These cryo sticks may be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, sagging skin, irritation, dullness, and creases. Additionally, using them could help you relax, wake up in the morning, or relax at night. We advise trying them out for yourself, especially while they are on sale, as every purchase comes with two!

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