Things You Need to Know about Lost Files on USB Flash Drives

Things You Need to Know about Lost Files on USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are used very frequently because they are convenient, compact, and portable. For these reasons, many users are willing to save their important files on USB flash drives.

However, there are often problems with USB flash drives. For example, the files on the USB drive get lost owing to virus infection, file system corruption, mistaken formatting, and more.

If you’re having trouble recovering lost files from the USB flash drive, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help you out of this irritating situation. This Mac data recovery software has been working on Mac Data Recovery for many years and acquired a good reputation for fast data recovery and high recovery success rate.

Things You Should Do After You Lose Data

When the files in the USB flash drive lost, the following points can greatly improve the success rate of data retrieval.

  1. Stop using your USB flash drive after data loss. You can’t save new data on it. Doing so may cause lost data to be overwritten by new data, which will lead to a permanent data loss.
  2. Do not format the USB flash drive as it will reduce the chance of success rate of data recovery.
  3. Don’t try to repair the bad sectors of the USB flash drive because it can destroy the data stored on the USB flash drive or even completely eliminate the chance of file recovery.

How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drives

After losing important data, please avoid trying unsure data retrieval methods. The improper operation of the USB flash drive may result in complete data loss and cannot be retrieved. Using professional data recovery software is the safest and most successful method.


iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is an advisable program that is widely used by users from all over the world to help you find the lost data quickly. It enables you to recover lost data from unmountable, corrupted, unreadable, inaccessible, formatted USB flash drives. In addition, this Mac data recovery tool provides two scan modes (deep scan and quick scan) to help you search for missing data according to different data retrieval situations. Generally, you can choose the scan mode according to the default options.

The steps for recovering lost data from USB drives are as follows:

Step 1: Connect the USB flash drive that has lost files with your Mac machine.

Step 2: Download iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac from iBoysoft’s official website.

Step 3: Double-click on the installer file to get iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac installed.


Step 4: Select Open.


Step 5: Open the software and enter your power-on (login) password when requested.


Step 5: Select the USB drive, then click “Scan” to start searching for lost files.


Step 6: Preview the scanning results, choose files you want to recover, and then click “Recover”.


Reasons for Lost Files from USB Flash Drives

  1. The USB flash drive was not ejected safely. When you disconnect it, you should use the “eject USB” option by right-clicking it. Unplugging the USB flash drive directly from the Mac may result in internal data corruption of the USB flash drive that is transmitting data.
  2. The USB flash drive is physically damaged. Incorrect insertion of the USB flash drive, the interface contaminated or damaged, or the USB flash drive is soaked in water, etc. are all causes of physical damages.

3.The Mac suddenly powers off while the USB flash drive is transferring data. The sudden interruption USB data transfer will cause data in the device to be destroyed.

4.The files on the USB flash drive is force opened. When the USB flash drive is plugged into a Mac that is not compatible with the device, forcing the file to open is likely to cause file data corruption.

5.The USB flash drive is attacked by viruses. The virus will cause damage to the file system and partition table of your device. Then the data you have stored in the USB flash drive gets lost.


This article explains the reasons for USB flash drive file loss, things you need to do after data loss and data recovery from USB drives using iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. These contents can help you reduce USB flash drive damage and improve the success rate of file retrieval. Hope this article is useful to you.

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