This Tik Tok Review of Lizzo’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Is Hilarious!

Lizzo's 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' TikTok Review Is So Entertaining

You’re not alone if your idea of the ideal Fourth of July weekend is unwinding indoors while watching a nice movie or TV show. Lizzo explained in a series of TikToks that she also spent the holiday streaming, and the title she chose was ideal for conjuring up summery feelings.

She stated in her debut video, posted on July 3, “OK, so I’m home all weekend, I have nothing to do but feel better, so I’m ready to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty.” Because you guys keep bringing it up.

Yes, we do still bring it up! After its June 17 debut, the lighthearted teen summer romance swiftly rose to the top of Prime Video’s list of titles, making The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy the site’s top three bestsellers, according to Variety.

Lizzo was taken aback by how soon the flirtatious action got going in her series of reviews, which are aptly headed “The Summer I Turned Litty.”

She remarked on Belly’s interaction with a boy in the convenience shop on her way to Cousins Beach, saying, “She is tugging pulling, and it’s five minutes into the movie.” The Grammy winner didn’t realize she was actually watching a series and not a movie until a short while later.

Regarding who she ships on the show, Lizzo wasn’t entirely sold on the romance between Belly and Conrad, whom she frequently referred to fondly but incorrectly as Colton.

This Tik Tok Review of Lizzo's "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Is Hilarious!

I don’t like this trope, she remarked. “I believe Colton merely wants her attention,” She did, however, express her allegiance to Team Jeremiah. “I have no idea what is wrong with my Jer Bear, but I’m standing by him.”

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She yelled, “She’s ready to bash her bestie!” as Belly and Jeremiah got cozy. — and rejoiced when Belly reprimanded Conrad shortly after. Colton, it’s too late.

The show’s legendary soundtrack, which features Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and a lot of Taylor Swift, was also discussed by Lizzo. She claimed that the music budget was substantial. Even Jenny Han, the author of the series, was moved by the praise. She praised the musical direction you guys are taking, Han said.

Lizzo wasn’t ready for the program to end, which, was the same, even if she was particularly happy when Jeremiah hit Conrad in the season finale (“Beat his ass, Jer!”). “What? I’m sorry. No, because I’m eagerly anticipating new episodes, she responds after Belly and Conrad kiss in the climactic beach scene. How are you going to wrap up a film like that?

Fortunately, it’s not a movie and it’s not over, as several commentators emphasized to Lizzo. There will be more shipping drama because The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 was already announced before Season 1 even aired. Spoiler alert: If further episodes follow the novel’s course, your Team Jeremiah dreams might be shattered.

This Tik Tok Review of Lizzo's "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Is Hilarious!

Han herself has expressed her support for Team Conrad, telling Bustle recently that she would have chosen the grumpy youngster at the age of 14. She said, “I suppose Conrad could be that way — sort of withholding. At the time, one of the guys I had a crush on was such a jerk. Conrad, though, is a lot nicer than the unpleasant guy I had a thing for, in my opinion.

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