Three Ways Tech Can Make Travel Easy and Simple

Our technology has revolutionized the way we go about our daily lives. From keeping in touch with friends to managing our busy schedules, the impact of consumer tech – from smartphones to home assistants, is extremely significant. 

This is also true when it comes to travel. Our technology can streamline many components of globe-trotting that once posed a keen logistical challenge. 

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the key ways that our technology, chiefly in the form of the smartphone, can make the process of discovering our world straightforward and hassle-free.

Easily Access Regional Providers

We tend to take it for granted nowadays that we can simply search the internet and find curated recommendations for virtually anything we want in seconds. Yet when you’re traveling, this ability can be absolutely indispensable. 

Should you find yourself in a city you’ve never been to before you can easily use a platform like TripAdvisor to get a rundown of the top things to do nearby, wherever you are. 

Being able to search online can also help you access online services that are local to the region you find yourself in. For example, ArabianBetting, the Arabian Gulf’s leading provider of sports betting and gaming recommendations, would be the best and most effective means of looking up the leading online casinos in Kuwait if you found yourself in this desert locale and were seeking to play the digital tables. 

This is especially useful given that one of the biggest challenges when traveling is managing your finances, with everything from transit to accommodation slowly sapping your budget. 

Three Ways Tech Can Make Travel Easy and Simple

In using a directory such as this, which provides competitive sign-up offers and other promotions to its users, you can be assured that you’re getting the best deal available when seeking out a provider to suit your needs.

Use Fintech To Cross Borders

A new wave of challenger banks and apps have emerged over the past ten years. What these services all share in common is a commitment to do away with the needlessly complex systems of legacy financial institutions. 

To this end, Fintech banks offer easy sign-ups, enable users to track their funds in real time from an encrypted e-wallet, and even assist users in saving funds through the popular spare-change feature. 

One key area where these services have sought to clear away unnecessary red-tape is with respect to international travel. The world is more interconnected than ever before and with global growth for businesses reportedly now easier than ever, such concerns increasingly find themselves operating in multiple countries and economic zones. 

This has led to an increase in cross-border trade, which raises certain issues for those confined to more conservative banking providers. Typically, such users, when they travel to a new country or economic zone, must either first exchange money into the currency of their destination, or access a brick-and-mortar currency exchange on arrival. 

The issue with this is twofold – first, one must find the physical location in question in order to exchange the required funds. Secondly, you are then at the whim of the local exchange rate. 

Fintech providers aim to massively streamline this process by letting you instantly create virtual e-wallets in multiple currencies and instantly transfer funds between them. All of this can be done through your smartphone, letting you easily and quickly partition funds between different currencies. 

What’s more, in converting funds this way you can rest assured you’ll be getting a good rate that is in alignment with the latest data from international markets.

Get an Overview of Transit Options

If there’s one perennial fact of international travel, it’s that your plans will often go awry. With so many connections to catch, traffic delays, accidents, break-downs and diversions can all cause travel chaos, disrupting your well organized itinerary. 

Fortunately, platforms such as Rome2Rio can help you quickly get back on track. This site and app surveys all possible transit options within your requested parameters, taking in ferries, buses, trains, taxis and even bike and car rentals. 

This flexibility means you can often identify unconventional combinations of transport options that will get you to your destination quicker or cheaper than you would think possible. And should the unexpected strike, you can quickly devise alternative routes.


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