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tidelands season 2

Tidelands is a streaming television series from Australia. Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath wrote and conceived the eight-part series, which is produced by Hoodlum Entertainment. It was released on Netflix on December 14, 2018. Season 1 left certain issues unanswered, but no plans for a second series have been announced as of 2021.

Tidelands tell the narrative of Cal McTeer, who spent ten years in prison as a teenager for alleged murder. She returns to Orphelin Bay, a little fishing community. When the body of a local fisherman washes up on the shore, she must unravel the town’s secrets while studying its odd inhabitants, some of whom are a group of the dangerous siren–human hybrids known as “Tidelanders,” the result of sirens and marine fishermen having sexual relations on occasion. The series’ filming started in Brisbane and extended throughout southern Queensland.


tidelands season 2

Calliope “Cal” McTeer is played by Charlotte Best.

Adrielle Cuthbert is played by Elsa Pataky.

Augie McTeer is played by Aaron Jakubenko.

Dylan Seager is played by Marco Pigossi.

Colton Raxter is played by Richard Davies.

Lamar Cloutier is played by Dalip Sondhi.

Corey Welch is played by Mattias Inwood.

Gregori Stolin is played by Jacek Koman.

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Release Date for Season 2 of Tidelands

Season 1 of the Australian drama Tidelands launched on Netflix worldwide on December 14th, 2018. The plot of this series revolved around a former criminal returning home to discover that his neighbors are half-siren and half-human. The characters from this drama are still remembered by the audience.

On IMDb, Tidelands scored a 4 out of 5-star rating, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it received an 86 percent approval rating. After season 1, their ardent admirers are anticipating Tidelands season 2 with bated breath.

Tidelands season 2 will be launched on December 10th, 2021, according to reliable sources. All information about new parts, episode numbers, news, spoilers, plot, and cast can be found here.

Because there is no official news about Tidelands season 2’s release date until January 2021, it’s a little risky to discuss it now. Despite the fact that Netflix has not officially confirmed its release date for the past two years.

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What Will ‘Tidelands’ Season 2’s Storyline Be Like?

Orphelin Bay is the setting for the show. It was overrun by a race of humans known as Tidelanders, who is half-human and half-siren. The sirens are ancient, terrifying beings who use music to entice mariners into danger. Orphelin Bay is the setting for the show. It was overrun by a race of humans known as Tidelanders, who is half-human and half-siren. The sirens are ancient, terrifying beings who use music to entice mariners into danger. The first and second seasons will be intertwined. Some main characters died in the first season, resulting in an average of 5 deaths every episode. This suggests that there will be an average of 5 deaths per episode as the second season unfolds.

Tidelands Season 2  Cal McTeer was left alone at the end of the first season. She had a brother and a girlfriend before. Her lover perished, and her brother was severely injured. She thinks back on his life and realizes that he had never known tranquility. Cal is a hybrid of humans and sirens in the book. If she defeats Adrielle, she could become the new Tidelander queen. Cal is identified by other sirens, who come to take her away at the end of the book (to make her their queen). Andrea Cremer’s imaginary universe is rich and fascinating.

The Social Media Profiles for Tidelands Have Been Deactivated

The show’s social media accounts are a good indicator of how strong a show’s Netflix future is. Since the end of January 2019, the official Tidelands Twitter account has been inactive. That’s about a month and a half after the show first premiered. Similarly, the show’s Facebook page was deactivated at the end of January.

The most recent Tweet from the Tidelands account is as follows:

When Will the Second Season of Tidelands Be Released?

Watch a video trailer for the upcoming season of Netflix’s TV show. Near the start date, an official video will be released.

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