Tiger Woods Breaks Down in Tears on The Course During the Open Championship!

Woods breaks down in tears on the course during the Open Championship.

Just try not to cry while viewing this video, golf aficionados….

Tiger Woods appeared to weep on the 18th fairway shortly before he officially missed the cut at The Open on Friday morning, and the video from the scene is incredibly moving.

There were some early struggles for Tiger Woods, who had set out to return to St. Andrews this year for the British Open despite the fact that his leg had been badly damaged by an accident in a car on February 20, 2021.

It was hard for him to hold it together when the crowd broke into applause when he finished off his second round on Friday.

Several cameras caught Woods wiping tears from his eyes as he walked approached his ball on the green near the pin position.

It wasn’t long until Tiger had regained his composure, and went on to finish the tournament with an impressive +9 score.

Because this could be the last Open Championship at St. Andrews for Tiger Woods, he was overcome with emotion as he approached the halfway point on the last day of play.

British Open champion Phil Mickelson, 46, says he doesn’t know if he will be able to compete at St. Andrews again. “Playing more British Opens is definitely in my future. But I’m not sure if I’ll be here when it comes back.”

Thus, “it got to me”: “the warmth and the applause at 18.”

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