Tik Tok: Rizz Definition and Origin as Slang Takes Over Platform!

The most recent slang terms to go viral on TikTok are “Rizz” and “unspoken Rizz,” but what do they signify and where did they come from? If you don’t like Kai Cenat, you most likely have no idea. A new day on TikTok heralds the arrival of a new trend, and the platform’s most recent well-liked subject is Rizz.

If you don’t know what it’s all about, you’re not alone. Here are some tips on how to have Rizz take over the video app and how to whip up your Rizz game. Frequently, comments on videos question what it is. So, this is what we know so far.

Rizz: Meaning and origin defined

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat invented the New York City slang term “rizz.” According to Urban Dictionary, it has to do with a man’s capacity to seduce women or sport.

The period has existed since at least June 2021, even if it is just currently trending on TikTok, and Cenat has produced a number of films specifically about rizz.

In July 2021, he publicly debuted “Rizz Academy” on stream, his extremely exclusive “institution” designed to improve his friends’ love lives by improving their success with women. He only invited a few women to “check whether they got game,” since practice makes perfect.


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Cenat claims that there are three types of rizz: W, V, and L. W is one of the most potent varieties, while V and L are the least potent and should be avoided.

Choose who you read from carefully because everyone on TikTok has radically different advice on tips for how to get W rizz.

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Unspoken Rizz Is the Next Level Up

According to the developer, unspoken rizz is an “extremely unusual rizz.” It occurs when a man has the power to captivate a lady solely with his physical presence and without ever having to speak.

Fans of Cenat often make fun of him because Duke Dennis, a friend, and fellow inventor, has succeeded in achieving “unspoken rizz” when he originally found it difficult.

Tik Tok: Rizz Definition and Origin as Slang Takes Over Platform!

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Watch it unfold in the video below; it made the Twitch chat cry with laughter. Dennis only had to gesture, and the message got through: Here is a video from TikTok showing Dennis celebrating his achievement: