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How Does Tiktok’s Stand up Challenge Work? This Challenge Is for Fitness Enthusiasts Only!

tik tok standup challenge

TikTok tasks are becoming increasingly difficult, and the Stand-Up challenge is not for the faint of heart. All you need is a strong partner, a steel core, and superb balance to give it a shot.

People just hop on their partner’s back while moving from lying on the ground to completely standing up without falling off or losing their balance in this challenge.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, you also have to do it all while listening to a song and matching the beats!

What Is the Tiktok Stand-up Challenge?

The challenge is set to Krypto9095’s song “Woah,” and each time the song says “Woah,” you must jump up and land quickly on your partner who has shifted into a different position. The woman finishes the challenge by backflipping off of her partner’s shoulders and dancing according to the song while balancing on his back, according to one video that has received 21.3 million likes.

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Frankie and Wayne Bridge attempt the challenge, with Frankie tumbling off Wayne’s back right at the first step, labeled ‘nailed it.’

The Tiktok Stand up Challenge and How to Complete It

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