Tiktok: Check out This New Popular Effect that Transforms You Into a Movie Character!

TikTok, a popular app for sharing videos, is well recognized for its extensive library of filters. They offer users of the platform a ton of fun and are frequently the origin of many trending viral phenomena. They range from weird effects to beauty filters.

The shapeshifting filter is one that people have been eager to get. Users can insert a picture into this filter, and on the count of three, their faces will transform into one of the subjects in the chosen image.

What Is Tiktok’s Shapeshifting Filter?

People claim that the Shapeshifting Filter, a famous TikTok effect that lets you shapeshift into a different celebrity, person, or character, picks the person you most resemble.

You must upload a photo in order to use the filter, and it will automatically select one face as being your “look-alike” when you do.


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Popular ones include the Avengers, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter characters, One Direction members, and many more.

How to Use the Shapeshifting Filter on Tiktok

  • Take a picture of one of the Marvel characters (or any other character you want to transform into) and save it to your camera roll first. (This image from Avengers: Infinity War is a top TikToker favorite.)
  • Tap the “+” symbol at the bottom of the TikTok app after it is open.
  • Search for the “Shapeshifting” icon under the “Effects” icon.
  • Tap the record button after choosing the stored image. The effect will “shapeshift” your face into a character after the countdown is over.
  • When it does, you’ll either laugh or start to panic.
  • Your video can then be uploaded to your page from there. Really simple, no?

Shapeshifting Filter Goes Viral

Everyone has started using the Shapeshifting Filter since it is not only a fantastic filter but also a great technique to play a practical joke on your loved ones.

Tiktok: Check out This New Popular Effect that Transforms You Into a Movie Character!

The majority of the TikTok videos that feature the filter start with someone approaching a family member or friend and explaining that the filter compares your appearance to that of a celebrity or fictional character.

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They have obviously chosen someone that their family member either dislikes or would not want to look like, which makes them angry.

The filter, which allows you to choose your own image to shape-shift into, cannot, of course, tell you which celebrity you resemble. So choose a photo and a target, then start filming your prank.